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We started working with healthcare clients back in 1987, and to say things have changed in the meantime would be an understatement. The field of healthcare changes rapidly, and our healthcare call center experience gives us the ability to readily adapt.

If it’s your first time contemplating outsourcing, we will walk you through the process. If you’re looking to make a change with a current vendor we can assist with the transition. Everything we offer can be customized to your needs. We can join you in supporting your call volume or we can even take all of your calls. Now you can expand your healthcare customer service hours to evenings and weekends and we can also be a part of any disaster recovery plan you may need to implement.

We have call centers in Ohio, North Carolina, Utah, and Georgia as well as an experienced management team – many of them started on the phones supporting clients just like you.

HIPAA compliant healthcare call center

Experience and Expertise in Healthcare, Medical, Hospital, Medicare

In our centralized healthcare call center we have worked with a variety of clients – insurance companies, medical centers, hospitals, durable medical equipment providers, pharmacy, clinical / medical laboratories and TPAs to name a few.

We have supported plans with memberships ranging from 75,000 to 750,000+.

Here are examples of services we have rendered – these can be expanded or augmented to fit your specific need.

Insurance Verification
Member Retention & Outreach
Medical Results Outreach
Physician Referrals
Claim Management & Status
Dental Claims Assistance
Post Care Patient Surveys
Provider & Member Inquiries
Medicare Plan Enrollment
Pharmacy & Prescription Assistance
Appointment Scheduling & Reminders
Healthcare Exchange Navigation
Revenue Recovery & Medical Billing

Getting Started with the Healthcare Contact Center Solution

Deciding to outsource your healthcare call center services is a big step. Conceptually it’s easy – partner with a vendor and share the calls and workload. While each client is unique in its scope, service, and customer base – it really is that simple. We have worked with clients seeking a change in their vendor support and those looking to outsource for the first time. What does outsourcing to us really represent? Partnership.

Don’t know where to start? Think about your pain points which have you considering outsourcing in the first place. Are you having trouble answering calls and meeting service level? Do you have a new plan or product and you want a special team to be dedicated to those calls? Is your building already bursting at the seams, and you have no additional space to add call center representatives? Do you wish you could be open for additional hours, or offer weekend options for your members or customers? These are all things we have helped our clients solve.

We understand that healthcare call center outsourcing work is different from other industries. You may offer durable medical equipment, or provider medical billing services, or full member support for your health plan (or more!) and each company is special. Your products and services are unique. It’s why your company exists, and it is our mission to deliver the best customer service and experience so your company excels. It’s mutually beneficial – our success ensures yours and it only enhances our partnership.

The best way to look to the future is to contact us – we can discuss your support needs, budget, and time frame. It’s never too early to talk about your healthcare call center needs. At Ameridial, we can ramp quickly or we can plan ahead – either way, we will work with you to implement support in the time frame you need.

Healthcare Call Center Customer Support

The Steps to Choosing Ameridial:

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable, and reliable healthcare call center services. Please let us know if you have questions about our services.

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