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We deliver compliant and cost-effective CX solutions that improve patient satisfaction, increase engagement and reduce churn.

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Customer Care Solutions For Healthcare

We have been working with healthcare clients since 1987. This experience, combined with subject matter expertise, data intelligence, and automation solutions, helps us deliver measurable results for all your support needs. Our HIPAA and HITECH-compliant omnichannel/multichannel CX solutions are customizable to your needs and known to offer a seamless experience. If you are thinking of outsourcing but aren't sure of the process, schedule a free call with our healthcare executive to discuss your unique needs and explore our solutions.


From Pre to Post Patient-care
We Specialize in Providing Empathetic Customer Support

24/7 Answering Support

Healthcare assistance is time-sensitive. That's why we offer 24x7 multichannel support that helps you manage customer concerns at scale. Our helpdesk service includes emergency assistance, general query resolution, referral management, and appointment scheduling, among others.

Appointment Scheduling

We can effectively handle all your appointment booking, rebooking, and scheduling, while ensuring that neither your patients nor members are misinformed, double-booked, or overlooked.

Claim Management

From claim setup, verification to auditing, and final settlement – our healthcare support experts have a proven track record of error-free claim processing.

Patient Surveys

To improve your service offerings, we can deploy post-care patient outreach within a defined framework. Our healthcare support executives are experts in providing you with a thorough understanding of your efforts that helps you gain actionable insights.

Medicare Service Administration

We can help you administer all the major healthcare programs in the USA. Along with providing accurate and complete information about Medicare programs during Annual Enrollment, our efforts have consistently resulted in stellar star ratings.

Pharmacy Assistance

Our support experts can assist your pharmacy in managing e-prescription drug claims, resolving buyer grievances, answering inbound queries to benefit plans, and prescription refill - at scale and across channels.

Customer Support
You Can Rely On!

  • 30+ Years of experience
  • 3000+ Experienced support experts
  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliant infrastructure
  • Customizable support solutions
  • Regular quality checks
  • Multilingual & Multichannel support


Schedule a free call with our executive to discuss your unique needs and learn about our offerings.

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From Medical Device Support to Medicare Assistance
All-in-One Customer Support Solution For Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Provider

 From appointment scheduling and appointment reminders to physician referral, we keep your customers in the loop with 24x7 empathetic support.

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Medical Device

At Ameridial, we act as a catalyst to perk up your medical device customer service by offering industry-specific call center solutions. It includes answering support, technical assistance, complaint handling, etc.

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Healthcare Payers

Acquire leads, manage databases, validate claims, and reduce confusion with our professional support services.

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Hundreds of doctors and dentists rely on us for our efficient and compliant customer service. These services include pharmacy and prescription assistance to resolving member inquiries to annual enrollment and billing.

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We have been working with healthcare clients since 1987. In these years, we have become a trusted name when it comes to Healthcare BPO. Our service offerings are customizable to your unique needs, hence more effective than others. These services include general inquiry handling, emergency help desk, clinical operations management, claim management, medicare support, pharmacy, and prescription assistance.

Healthcare is not just about patient care. To serve them best, you need a strong team of support experts that can provide accurate assistance with empathy. We, at Ameridial, understand this and strive to walk the talk. Our support executive goes through a mandatory training period before going live on a floor - it ensures we all remain aligned with our clients' needs. Beyond training, we also ensure strict adherence to HIPAA and HITECH standards in delivering you time-bound, error-free, stellar support across the channels and verticals.

We have more than 30+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. As part of our mandatory training, we ensure that we pass on these years of learning to our new executives. Depending on the client's needs, the training period can last anywhere between a week and several months.

Outsourcing is a popular method of improving productivity within a cost-effective framework. Ameridial's healthcare services are proven to yield greater ROI by reducing your operational expenses and boosting patients' trust. For pricing-related information, you can book a free call with our expert.

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