We started working with healthcare clients back in 1987, and to say things have changed in the meantime would be an understatement. The field of healthcare changes rapidly, and our healthcare call center experience gives us the ability to readily adapt.

If it’s your first time contemplating outsourcing, we will walk you through the process. If you’re looking to make a change with a current vendor we can assist with the transition. We are completely U.S. owned and operated.

Everything we offer can be customized to your needs. We can join you in supporting your call volume or we can even take all of your calls. Now you can expand your hours to evening and weekend support and we can also be a part of any disaster recovery plan you may need to implement.

We have call centers in Ohio, North Carolina, and Maine as well as an experienced management team – many of them started on the phones supporting clients just like you.

Our Customer Service Specializations

In our healthcare call center we have worked with a variety of clients such as insurance companies, durable medical equipment providers, pharmacy services and TPAs to name a few.

Below are examples of services we have rendered – these can be expanded or augmented to fit your specific need:

  • Patient & Insurance Verification
  • Member Retention Outreach
  • Dental Claims
  • Provider and member inquiries
  • Claim Management/Status
  • Revenue Recovery/Billing
  • Post Care Patient Surveys
  • Physician Referrals
  • Pharmacy/Prescription Assistance
  • Appointment Scheduling/Reminders
  • Healthcare Exchange Outreach
  • Medical Results Outreach
Healthcare Call Center Support

Stabilize and Predict Your Costs

We take on the burden of hiring and will work with you to forecast training and your flexing support needs. We can also proactively prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan ‘just in case.’


We can integrate into your systems and telephony or be independent. We have multi-channel support capabilities such as email, SMS, web chat, virtual queue call-back and click-to-call options.

Flexible Support Solutions

Build our support to meet your requirements. In our experience, this often means by handling the call volume with you or for you. We can cover your evening, weekend, and overnight hours.

Experience When It Matters

We’ve been in healthcare call center support for 30 years. We know where things have been and will be with you as they evolve. You can learn more About Us and our Team.

Confidence in Compliance

We have an internal and dedicated compliance team. We are HIPAA/HITECH complaint, and we follow NIST 800-30, NIST 800-53 rules and more – see our Compliance Certifications and Awards.

Support and Quality

You will have a dedicated team of managers, supervisors, and trainers to support you. We can easily implement any quality or training programs you have in our call centers for quality assurance.
The steps to choosing Ameridial:


Schedule a brief call to discuss what you might need and when you’ll need it. We’ll talk scope and hours.

Get Set...

We’ll work through your requirements, meet, and start setting up your support team.


We’ll test and go live! Trained agents will start taking your calls and ensure your success!