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Customized Call Center Solutions for Businesses

Is your business growth outpacing your internal call center’s capabilities? Is your current call center provider prepared to expand to accommodate your goals or address market dynamics? Are you concerned about your outsourced call center’s quality?

Your business is constantly changing. You need a call center outsourcing partner that can provide a solution that is responsive, flexible and specifically tailored to your company’s needs. If you feel locked into a one-size-fits-all program, it’s time to evaluate whether your contact center outsourcing provider is actually a partner.

Our Specialties

Our healthcare call center experience gives us the ability to readily adapt.

Our service can be the difference maker in most consumer decisions.

We provide the best value for nonprofits seeking quality teleservices solutions.


Treating Your Customers with the Care You Expect

Quality is always a key concern for businesses that are outsourcing their call center services. The person who picks up the phone is a reflection of your company. One call can elevate or damage your brand.

We view customer service as an opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the market, and that’s why our contact center teams receive ongoing training so they can deliver the best customer experience possible. The Ameridial team works for you. And, knowledgeable associates are committed to your growth goals because we provide our employees with careers, not telemarketing jobs. That’s one element that sets us apart from other telemarketing call centers.

Enterprise businesses that partner with Ameridial feel the difference because our teams are professional, knowledgeable and invested in their success. Our goal is to provide the best telemarketing service.

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image of our US call centers across the country

Outsourced Call Center Services, Close to Home

Ameridial has been providing contact center solutions since 1987 to businesses in a range of industries, from health care to non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 enterprises. We match call center solutions to your needs, including providing local teams that are industry-specific. We offer both inbound and outbound call center services designed to enhance the overall customer experience and develop further relationships with your clients.

Your customers deserve support—they want their questions answered and concerns addressed. That’s why we are here to provide exceptional telemarketing services. Ameridial associates mirror your services and spend time getting to know your business, culture and customers so we can truly act as an extension of your team. Our experts have experience working in a range of industries. We tailor cost-efficient, quality, PCI-compliant call center solutions that grow with your business so you can reach your sales and profitability goals.

Ameridial serves business worldwide and in the following locations: Utah, Georgia, Ohio, and North Carolina.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our reviews are the best way to see the ways in which Ameridial can be your outsourcing call center solution.


Exceed Our Expectations

We truly appreciate Ameridial’s commitment to continue to provide services in these unusual times of COVID-19 outbreak.

Vendor Relationship Manager,
Healthcare Technology Company

Keeps Getting Better

Thank you and your team for the effort out into getting the Fort Kent team at home during this COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the effort.

VP, Service Operations
Non-profit Health Insurance Company

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