Outbound Call Center Services Outsourcing in USA

Outbound call centers play a significant role in business development. Stop spending countless hours in outbound calls – have our team make those calls for you. Whether you are looking to welcome new customers to your products and services, promote a new event, or set appointments we can help! We specialize in Retail, eCommerceHealthcareDealer Services, and Nonprofit support but our services are designed to help any industry. By utilizing our outbound call center services, we can help you maximize your results. Have additional questions? Please contact us today to discuss your support needs and to obtain a free, no-obligation quote! We also offer inbound call center support!

Outbound Lead Generation

Achieve sales faster. Ameridial is often called upon to generate leads, operating as a virtual inside sales team. Many companies we partner with don’t have the resources to cold call all of the businesses they wish to pursue. Ameridial can jump-start your sales initiatives, profiling the businesses you desire while gathering critical sales intelligence directly from decision makers. As our partner, your sales staff can concentrate on consummating deals while we provide key insight into the opportunity and your prospect’s decision making process.

Whether you need additional bandwidth to supplement your internal team or wish to outsource the entire lead generation process, Ameridial will assists with outbound contact center services. We can help further penetrate existing markets in which you sell currently. Additionally, if you haven’t had the time to concentrate on new markets this a great way to break into them!

Lead Qualification

Follow up quickly with potential leads. Do you find yourself in a situation where your marketing efforts are actually being too successful, where you can’t follow up on the leads you’ve generated in a timely manner? Ameridial can help! Ameridial’s specialists can contact your leads and populate a sales opportunity profile to feed to your closing team. Your closers will thank you, and close more deals, with the details we’ve secured allowing them to focus on each prospects’ unique buying situation.

Appointment Setting

Sell anywhere, any time. If your sales process includes a presentation, whether in person or virtually, Ameridial can set appointments on your behalf. Specialized outbound contact center services can utilize your calendar of choice ensuring that appointments don’t conflict. We can assign the appointment to the right person taking into account functional responsibility, geography and workload as well.


Have industry experts handle your sales. If you have a product, or service, which can be sold over the phone, Ameridial has expertly trained sales specialists who can sell on your behalf. We’ve been an industry leader in selling on behalf of leading brands since our companies’ inception. We often hear how surprised our partners are that someone other than internal staff can be successful in representing their products. It’s a matter of people, process, experience and a collaborative approach with you, our partner. We can replicate your vetted approach or design a customized outbound call center solution to achieve your sales objectives.

Data Hygiene

Update your database with ease. At times it seems amazing how quickly data becomes outdated. If your data is even only a year old, you could see changes to over 50% of your records! There isn’t a more efficient (or effective) way to obtain current, accurate data on a company than calling to secure it. Ameridial’s outbound call center services can help fulfill your need for accurate information. We can obtain the most basic details, such as mailing information, or can mine for critical data intended for targeted sales or marketing initiatives. We can also address large volume needs, employing our deep pool of talent.

Event Support

Promote your event and facilitate easy event registration! Do you have an event coming up in need of promotion? Have you chosen to exhibit at a tradeshow and want to drive traffic to your booth? Ameridial will be happy to help with either initiative. Ameridial has a flexible staffing model that allows for allocation of resources, precisely when your event needs the most exposure. Ameridial offers mature, experienced representatives who will reflect well on your brand while helping to drive attendance to your booth. Since you’ve already chosen to invest in an event, choose Ameridial to help you realize maximum ROI while serving as your promotion partner.

Reminder & Welcome Calls

Stay prevalent in your customer’s mind. Reminder and welcome calls are a great way to stay in front of your customers, and prospects, alike. Welcome calls are a great way to familiarize new customers with your services, ensuring their loyalty and repeat business. Many leading businesses call their customers to remind them of appointments, lapsing memberships, cut-off dates to file critical documents, and much more. Both Reminder and Welcome calls can be complimented with email and traditional mail campaigns as well. If you find that you’re falling behind with your internal staff, why not consider Ameridial as your partner? We have the staff, and expertise, to help. This is easily achieved when using Ameridial for your outbound contact center services!

Win-back campaigns

Gain sales, and insight, from your dormant customers. Is there a segment of your customer database that’s recently been dormant? Win-back outbound campaigns are a great way to re-engage with customers who have purchased from you in the past. Calling prior customers will not only generate incremental revenue, you can also gain valuable market intelligence in the process. Customers are generally willing to share why they’re shopping somewhere else. Periodically this feedback results in an opportunity for you to uncover, and remedy, problems you didn’t even know you had. Ameridial’s outbound call center services is the perfect way to mobilize dormant shoppers.

Marketing Research & Surveys

Learn what your customers think, and need. Do you have the insight you need on your customers to continue driving sales? In a rapidly changing business climate, it’s critical to know what your customers, and prospects, are thinking about your brand and what drives their buying decisions. And in the ever changing world we live in, and immediate access to your competition, you can safely assume your customer’s needs, and thoughts, are changing often. As a result, you need to be in regular contact with your customers to understand them and to react to these changes.

Ameridial has the bandwidth, and expertise, to call and obtain the insight most critical to your business. We can call as an extension of your internal marketing department or as an independent party so you remain anonymous. We can also summarize the data we capture to allow your analysts to make informed business decisions, leading towards optimal results.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable, and reliable outbound call center services. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your customer service needs!