Outsourced Retail Call Center Solutions

We provide call center services for several industries, but few markets are more competitive than retail. For a retailer, it’s about convincing the consumer to choose your product or service over a competitor. That starts with offering value and good products – and comes together with strong customer service. It’s the service that is the difference maker in most consumer decisions.

Customers have very clear expectations when it comes to service. They expect to be treated by a knowledgeable and respectful agent who will take the extra steps to ensure a satisfying transaction. Today, consumers expect seamless communication across all channels and departments. Our retail call centers mimic your established processes so that the focus and messaging are consistent. The result is a consistent and high-quality customer experience that represents your product and service in the marketplace.

We are proud to say that Ameridial provides the very best retail call center solutions in the industry. Our agents are educated to provide high-touch service and support during every customer interaction. This helps us to proactively improve the customer experience for your business, fostering customer loyalty and generating revenue.

Comprehensive Inbound and Outbound Retail Call Center Services

Customer care

We maintain your customer following by providing superior customer service for your business. This means we can handle any customer care needs including product info, purchase status, credit card status, return status and billing inquiries.

Flexibility and know-how

We can handle your entire program or just any overflow support you need, including after-hours. Our team is armed to handle any questions that may come their way about your product, including product recalls and consumer affairs.

Sales focus

Whether directed to our call center from a catalog, online shopping or a direct marketing campaign, our inbound team helps up-sell and cross-sell your products. Outbound services include direct sales, lead generation and appointment setting.


Our state-of-the-art inbound call centers bring targeted support for your campaigns with multi-channel communications (voice, chat, e-mail), as well as IT support. For outbound efforts, we leverage technology for productivity and outcome efficiencies.

Data gathering and support

We offer targeted support for your inbound marketing campaigns, including email, direct mail and multimedia (online, radio and TV). In addition, we’ll gather market research, customer satisfaction and other data to support outbound campaigns.

Proactive communication

Our outbound team can help you communicate more often with your customers, including payment reminders, as well as “Welcome and Thank you” calls to help your team’s success by building relationships with your customer that adds to their loyalty and retention.

Why Choose Ameridial for your Retail Campaign?

Training & Curriculum

Our ongoing training curriculum is customized to your needs, based on a full understanding and integration of your brand and corporate culture.
We encourage our clients to participate in our training sessions and planning.

Customer Care

Our staff also takes sensitivity training in the art of care and compassion. We believe in building relationships, which is also why a single account executive will work with you and your team to take care of your retail campaign needs.

Awards & Certifications

We are proud to have received many awards and certifications over the years. Among them, we have received the Top 50 Inbound and Outbound Ranking from Customer Magazine every year since 1992!

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable and reliable outsourced retail inbound call center customer care. Please contact us if you have questions about our retail call center by calling us at 866.775.4755.