ATTENTION RETAILERS: Why You Need to Gear Up With Plans for an Outsourced Call Center Partner Now

Retail Call Stack OverflowSpending — and all the customer service work that goes with that — increases during the holidays. And typically, it grows year-over-year. Even amid economic uncertainties related to concerns over a potential trade war, holiday retail spending rose 2.9% in 2018 when compared to 2017.

Retail organizations that field customer service or order calls must prepare for the holiday hustle that, for many, means putting plans in place for inbound call center solutions during the summer or earlier.

Here’s why you need to gear up with plans for a holiday retail contact center sooner rather than later.

Recruitment Sourcing Takes Time

On average, it takes around 23 days to hire a new employee. And even call answering centers that rely heavily on temporary staff and work with temp and recruiting services need some time to staff up. Starting early lets you bring staff on in slow waves as the busy season creeps in, making it easier to ensure high-quality training.

Retail companies that wait until holiday call volumes arrive to increase their call center resources create potentially negative scenarios that can include:

  • Inability to answer all calls, which leads to customer attrition and loss of sales
  • Teams that are overburdened and overworked, which can lead to staff turnover and morale issues
  • Poor quality as teams rush to handle call impossible call volumes

Training Call Agents Doesn’t Happen Overnight

You need to account for training time, which can include:

  • A day of orientation
  • A few days of training before the staff is able to handle any tasks on their own
  • Several weeks before team members are proficient in handling multiple types of calls without assistance

And even if the staff is already on board and trained for normal call center environments, they may require special training to handle holiday calls.

If half of the staff working for your outsourced retail call center is still in one of the training stages when you enter the holiday rush season, you could see the same negative results you might see if you hadn’t geared up at all! Work with your new ahead of time to ensure the right training rolls out well ahead of the rush.

An Outsourcing Partner Can Handle in-the-Moment Issues

A final reason to gear up with plans for an outsourcing partner well before your next expected rush season is that it frees you to handle other matters. When you’re not struggling to man the phone lines or spending all your management resources trying to establish customer call services and procedures at the last minute, you can address other challenges with an agile, well-equipped workforce.

By planning early for the holiday hustle, you make a hectic season that much easier on everyone and position yourself for success. Contact Ameridial now for your upcoming inbound customer call services today!