Why Winter is the Best Time to Plan Your Call Center Needs

Improving customer experience across all interactions can enhance your return on investment all year round, but beginning the planning process in the winter can help you to maximize the experience. From being the perfect time to budget to being able to change over during less busy times after the holidays, you can experience both monetary and logistical benefits when you start planning your call center needs this winter. Consider these advantages.

1. Align Your Call Center Planning with Budget Planning

What better time to begin planning improvements for your call center than when you’re also in the budgeting process for next year? When Ameridial is your call center partner, we’ll ensure you have all of the facts and figures you need to include in your budget plus persuade your CFO and other executives of the enhanced value our call center provides versus your previous solution.

Timing your planning process to coincide with winter can also enable you to capture unused funds from this fiscal year to designate toward the transition process if you’ll be changing providers. Or, those funds can be used to fulfill necessary training for additional duties. By pairing funds across multiple years, the cost of transitions or enhancements can slot nicely into your budget without any pain points felt.

2. Plan Your Call Center Transition for Natural Pockets of Downtime

Many companies are extraordinarily busy in the lead up to the holidays, particularly retailers that provide goods and services attractive to holiday shoppers. However, once the holidays pass, your organization and current call center may experience natural pockets of downtime. When you begin the call center planning process during the winter, you can strategically plan for any changes to occur during those downtime intervals so the fewest number of employees and customers feel the impact. The employees integral to leading any changes will also be less busy during these downtime pockets, so they won’t have to balance hectic holiday workloads at the same time.

3. Use Current Year Data to Plan for Next Year’s Needs

During the winter, you have the advantage of a year’s worth of accumulated data on how sales and customer service operations have fared, as well as hot-off-the-presses information about the recent holiday season. You’ll know how your call center partner performed relative to all key metrics and where pockets of improvement may be identified for the following year. Once you compile all that data, you can use it to design and implement a plan to be better prepared in the future to best service your customers.

Ultimately, your call center transition needs to best match your business objectives and any relevant timings they may dictate. When those align with a winter timeframe, you can parallel your company’s budgeting process, change over during a time that impacts the fewest number of people and use the best and most recent data available to determine next steps. That’s a triple win to support your decision to move your sales and customer support to a new call center partner like Ameridial.