Why Outsource Call Center Services?

Why Outsource Call Center Services?

Previously we discussed why outsourcing isn’t a dirty word and the basics of what it means to outsource. In this entry, we continue our ‘behind the scenes’ look into the reasons companies contemplate why outsource call center services and the benefits they experience when they do so!

The first steps – why outsource call center services in the first place? 

Like most companies, Ameridial started small with a few agents making outbound calls back in 1987. Over the next thirty years we grew from a handful of team members to hundreds. However, we are only half of the equation. The other half is the client.

What brings a client to Ameridial? Why would a business send its inbound and/or outbound calls to another company?

  1. Cost and resource allocation
  2. Competitive labor markets
  3. Rapid expansion
  4. Customer service goals
  5. Geographical diversity

Those are just a few reasons why outsource call center services, below we’ll look at these five examples in more depth below.

Cost and resource allocation
Ameridial Cost Savings

If it’s true that you have to spend money to make money, then it’s imperative you make every dollar count.We have different types of contracts in place with our clients. Calls can be billed down to the exact minutes and seconds, or hourly or any specialized arrangement. When an agreement is made our clients know their expenditure. This allows them to create a budget to support their customer calls and they can better allocate resources. Having a third party in place also safeguards a client from unexpected expenses such as costly spikes in overtime, and it allows greater freedom in scheduling

Take one of our Healthcare clients as an example. We handle the inbound calls and because we are in place, they can have their staff focus on timely claim processing. This in turn benefits their members with faster claims resolution and peace of mind. The Nonprofit organizations we partner with have their boots on the ground and are working to deliver their much-needed services. They put Ameridial in place to take inbound calls and donations so everyone that wants to help can contribute.

Competitive labor markets

You can hear on the news of some of the cities that experience labor booms and then the happy challenge of many employers competing for employees. For a larger city, this can be an expensive battle. Our call centers are situated outside of the larger metropolises. A client can save money by having labor in a different geographical area. In turn, other cities and towns see the benefits of increased job offerings and the ability to work at Ameridial. We still offer our agents a full range of benefits and competitive wages and work hard to train, retain, and promote our team members. In fact, over 85% of the Leadership Team has been promoted from within!

Rapid Expansion

Companies like Dell, Microsoft and even Facebook are famous because they started small and became Fortune 500 companies. When they hit big, though, they boomed! Why outsource call center services in a case like this? Because we can rapidly expand faster to cope with increased call volume.  Our Retail and eCommerce partners are often experiencing growth faster than they can build to accommodate it. By outsourcing calls to Ameridial, a company can take advantage of our existing infrastructure. We already have the available IT resources, the layers of compliance and security, the computers, and the buildings to house the agents. Our Healthcare clients see large increases in calls in the fall with Medicare enrollments and the ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans coming into effect. We can step into the breach and turn a potentially overwhelming situation into a beneficial one.

Customer Service Goals

No one likes to spend ages on hold and our clients are no exception. Our partners find in us a vendor that will seamlessly emulate their internal customer service so their calls are handled with care by trained professionals. We can scale our support to handle the busy periods, be available to make or take calls in the evenings, or be a helping hand on the weekends. At Ameridial, we have strict quality standards in place to help evaluate the team. It’s true what you often hear – all calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Our Dealer Services is just one example of how our clients take this customer service approach. We work with automotive dealerships who want to focus on being in the showroom to help you in person. No one enjoys working with someone only to have that person take a phone call and they have to juggle helping two people at once. You get the dealership’s full attention in the showroom. If you’re that person calling in, you reach a live agent. You’re spared being left on hold or leaving a message only to wonder if you’ll hear back.

Geographical Diversity

We’re not the scientist to attest to, or debunk, global warming but we can all agree we’ve had some interesting weather the past couple of years. Our geographical diversity means we can often be in different regions or weather patterns from our clients. We can even split support between locations for additional coverage.

Last winter, we had several situations where a client called for help because they were about to experience record-breaking snowfall. We can quickly pull together our resources together so if they have in-house call center agents, they can go home before the storm hits. In the case of our Maine office, we even have agents come to work via snowmobile!

What it all means at the end of the day

These are just a few reasons why companies outsource call center work. We hope this article gives insight into the reasons such business decisions are made. Our clients also choose us because we are American owned and operated. Calls handled domestically by Ameridial increases customer confidence, keeps job in the country, and allows a client to focus their internal efforts on their products while we handle the call volume.

Cost and resource allocation. Competitive labor markets. Rapid expansion. Customer service goals. Geographical diversity.

These reasons are the true definition of a win-win scenario and why outsourcing works! A company that asks itself why outsource call center services is one that is planning for the future.