Why Inbound Fundraising Should Be A Part Of Your Non-profit Fundraising

Inbound FundraisingWhen we talk about direct-response fundraising, outbound marketing is mostly considered. It includes sending out emails, cold calls, and direct mails for donor acquisition and donor cultivation. Those efforts are essential for a successful fundraising program and will always be the first choice of Nonprofit. But wouldn’t it be better if donors come to you first? Attracting clients and customers with inbound activities is an age-old marketing strategy. As fund collection activities are becoming more and more digitized, adding inbound fundraising to your direct-response program can be beneficial.

How do inbound processes for fundraising works?

Inbound services are focused on pulling in interested donors to your programs or website through helpful and appropriate content. In addition, the processes are executed in a way that develops trust and credibility for your organization.

There are different types of inbound functions handled by a team of inbound fundraising call center agents.

Types of inbound services for fundraising

  1. Donor interaction handling and expert guidance

An experienced, trusted team can work with your donors. When you run your campaign, it is crucial to get dedicated assistance from the right representatives when prospective donors want to contribute to your cause and inquire to learn more and then donate. Get trained agents for donor interactions and information sharing through streamlined processes. The call center understands your organization’s cause and mission to convey your message accurately in a manner that generates interest. A call center for nonprofits has the infrastructure, experience, and staff flexibility to drive results quickly.

  1. Lapsed Donor Reactivation

Lapse donors are those who are inactive for more than a year. Reactivating lapsed donors by various inbound communication channels such as phone, text, or email is cost-effective compared to new donor acquisition. After a thorough analysis of your cause, a call center will leverage inbound fundraising strategies and actionable steps that reengage philanthropists and increase the donation amount.

Acquiring donors and philanthropists is comparatively easier than retaining them. Donors can often lose interest in your cause if they do not get good motivation. With call center support from Ameridial, you will have a whole team with dedicated tools and the workforce to retain donors and helping members multiply. It could imply a steadier way of getting funds and developing long-term member loyalty.

  1. New Donor Conversion

Converting new and prospective donors to recurring donors depends on timing. Nonprofits invest a considerable amount in acquiring new donors – so the investment mustn’t go in vain. You can keep your prospective donors connected by reaching out at the right time.

Donors converted via phone tend to reply positively to both mail and phone afterward.

  1. Sustainer Recruitment of Donors

To secure recurring contributions, recruiting donors to make them consistent contributors is achieved via automated services. Automated credit card payment processing or electronic fund transfer is essential for nonprofit organizations to connect contributors to the core mission.

Partnering with Ameridial can help you raise more funds by recruiting and engaging many contributors and donors via inbound tele-fundraising techniques. In addition, we assist automated payment processing via credit card and e-fund transfer for securing ongoing commitment.

  1. Welcome greetings & Thank you Calls

In the nonprofit sector, there are little things that can make or break a relationship. Welcome greetings, thank you calls should be included in the successful donor generation strategy. A simple call to express your gratitude and welcome a donor can go a long way. At Ameridial, our inbound support team can not only greet and thank your contributors for their generous acts but also provide valuable information about your nonprofit project and mission. It will increase loyalty and fondness to donate. The central idea is – your donors deserve to be appreciated.

  1. Data Analysis and Scripting

Data analysis can help refine and streamline your fundraising activity. Ameridial works on your donors’ database help conduct a complete data analysis to understand the donors’ demography, segmentation, and behavior. We also evaluate past conversations across different communication channels and develop a script based on previous responses. The analysis also helps us predict the future trends for nonprofit organizations and their customer service. Script and calling strategies are created based on data analysis and experience that yields optimum results.

Final Words

Managing an in-house call center department eats up a lot of your organization’s funds and wastes valuable time you could spend on other essential operations. With third-party inbound fundraising services, you do not have to spend extra on software application upgrades, software licenses, or individual training –pay for the services, and they will take care of the rest. Contact Ameridial to find out how our inbound fundraising services fit your nonprofit requirements.

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