What Is Proactive Customer Service, And How Can A Call Center Help You Provide It To Your Customers?

Proactive Customer ServiceIn this age of customer experience, no business can afford to offer poor customer service. Today, just one incident of poor customer service can cost them dearly. On the contrary, exceptional customer service not only helps companies retain their customers but also turns those customers into brand loyalists – which is something every company wants to achieve to survive in this competitive age.

So, how do you deliver exceptional customer service that makes your customers grace you with repeat business? To begin with, you need to change your customer service outlook and shift from reactive to proactive customer service when the opportunity arises.

What is Reactive and Proactive Customer Service?

When a customer has a query, contacts you via their preferred communication channel and waits for a response, it is called reactive customer service. It is the standard process of providing customer service in most companies.

Proactive customer service involves anticipating issues a customer might face and addressing them proactively via several communication channels (such as – FAQs, knowledgebase, forums, and instructional videos). Proactive customer service is all about reaching out to the customers to notify them about an issue even before they have experienced it. It shows that as a company, you are willing to go above and beyond the standard and make customers feel valued.

Benefits of proactive customer service

Proactive customer service comes with many benefits for your business.

Decreases support calls – Being proactive helps you identify issues and resolve them before they turn into big problems. This way, it reduces the number of tickets.

Takes charge of communication – Being proactive allows you to participate in what your customers are saying regarding your brand in private and public platforms. It can provide you an opportunity to engage with them in such a way that your business can be seen in a favorable light.

Retains existing customers – You can strengthen your bond with your customers by reaching out to them proactively even when they haven’t mentioned you or addressed you directly. It exceeds their expectation of good customer service and compels them to return the favor with repeat business.

Acquires new customers – Being proactive allows you the opportunity to reach out to your prospective customers and encourage them to choose your brand over others.

Increases customer loyalty – As per a report by Enkata taking the initiative in your support can increase customer retention rates by 3-5%.

Creates brand advocates – Proactive customer service can turn your customers into brand advocates.

According to recent studies, a happy customer will tell at least three people about their experience with a brand and encourage them to make the switch.

Protection against escalation – Proactive customer service allows you to identify negativity around your brand early so that you can nip it at the bud and avoid a social crisis.

Proactive customer service is a great way to boost customer experience. While reactive customer service covers the base, proactive customer service can take customer satisfaction and loyalty to the next level. As per a study, 87% of adults surveyed are pleased to be contacted proactively by companies regarding customer service issues.

How can a call center help you deliver proactive customer service?

Customer Survey – To exceed customer expectations with exceptional customer service, you first have to know what a customer wants. You can use a call center for a customer survey that not only reveals what your customers want from you but also points out areas that need improvement. It allows you to rectify your weaknesses or mistakes before your customers start to feel disappointed.

Live Chat – When a customer gets the chance to get answers from a chat representative while making a purchasing decision online, it creates a pleasant customer experience. A call center with high-quality 24X7 chat support can help you provide proactive chat support to your customers round the clock.

Announce your mistakes proactively – Found a problem in your product or service? Rather than waiting for your customers to find out, you can fix it and use proactive chat, call or SMS to let the customer know even before they realize they had the problem. A call center can offer this support via various communication channels.

These are some ways a multichannel call center can help your business deliver proactive customer service that goes above and beyond a customer expectation. To know how a call center helps you boost customer experience, contact Ameridial today!