How We Are Supporting Healthcare Industry Call Center Needs During Covid-19

Healthcare Industry Call CenterThe Covid-19 pandemic has posed new challenges to the healthcare industry, treating thousands of patients for Covid-19, taking care of other patients while ensuring that the disease is under control is a very tough challenge indeed. On top of that, healthcare organizations are seeing an increasing number of communications owing to Covid-19 as well as the regular communications from patients.

As a result, it is becoming tough for their front desks to handle all the queries without skimping on patient experience. Therefore, more and more healthcare organizations are relying on a trusted healthcare call center like Ameridial to provide the essential patient support and deliver an outstanding patient experience.

As a HIPAA-compliant call center, Ameridial has always met the call center needs of its healthcare clients and delivered excellence in every sphere. During the Covid-19 Pandemic too we have pulled all stops to deliver superior experience to our healthcare clients and their patient and members. Here are some measures that we took to ensure better support for our healthcare clients during this unprecedented time.


To help our healthcare clients deliver a high-quality patient experience during the lockdown, we transitioned a significant portion of our workforce from a brick-and-mortar set up to a home-based set up without any disruption to our client processes and continued to deliver excellence at every sphere. As a result, the patient and member experience improved even during this troubled time.

Scaling up

To support the increased number of interactions from patients and members, we have scaled up our workforce. It allowed us to bring down the wait time for voice communication. As a result, patient and member experiences improved significantly. In a time of distress, waiting in call queue to get connected to a live agent would only have added to the frustration of your patients and members.  By scaling up we save them from the frustration and deliver better support.

Multichannel support to ensure minimal wait time

Scaling up is not the only way we are tackling the increased volume of patient and member interaction. As a multichannel call center with voice, email, chat, SMS, social media and IVR technologies, we are using our different communication channels to ensure that your patients and members have to experience a minimal wait time. Some key strategies that we have adopted are, using IVR to answer common queries, managing a dedicated IVR for Covid-19 queries.

Apart from these, we have also trained our agents for contact tracing as per CDC-regulations to help the health care industry to quickly identify the exposed contacts of a Covid-19 patient and reach out to them with support and information.  This way, we can control the spread of the virus and win the war against Covid-19.

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