Direct Response Support

Ameridial Direct Sales SupportDirect response marketing is meant to elicit a response from your audience. Our inbound call center will be ready to answer the calls when your prospects respond. We are here to support you, and will work around your media schedule to provide staffing when call spikes are anticipated.

Ameridial’s direct response team has proven success at front-end conversions, up-selling, cross-selling and back-end results. They know how to work with inbound inquiries and garner sales for your product. We understand how important is is to immediately capitalize on the momentum of an inbound call. In training we emphasize good selling practices and techniques. Once they have started working with customers, we continually coach and develop our agents to ensure they are poised for success.

Our flexible staffing model means we’re here when you need us. We have coverage at any hour, any day or time. During your sales campaign we will work with you to stay in step with its busy times and staff accordingly. It is our sole goal to drive conversions and grow sales.

Benefits of working with our direct response marketing team:

  • Inbound calls answered during broadcast advertising campaigns
  • Support for radio, television and direct mail advertising
  • Virtual Queue call-back for unexpected high call volume
  • Calls answered 24/7, 365 days a year

Want to learn more?

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable and reliable call center services. Please let us know if you have questions by calling us at 866.775.4755.