Solutions To Enhance Your Sales, Marketing & Service Programs
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Whether you serve businesses or consumers, our implementation team develops flexible outsourced solutions to enhance your sales, marketing and service programs.

We help you acquire new customers, improve customer satisfaction and create positive customer experiences on every contact. Our goal is to meet or exceed the quality and performance you expect from your internal call center.

Ameridial’s business process outsourcing solutions support your business goals with:

  • A well-defined and proven process to develop and implement new programs using our deep domain experience
  • Ameridial-hosted workshops/meetings that take the time to thoroughly understand your business and communication preferences and map your business processes
  • Review options and analytics that study the right information, considering options together to define the best program for your organization.

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Our call center solutions are client specific:
We mirror your own recruiting, hiring, training and quality processes:
  • We build a profile of your most successful customer service representatives and launch a targeted recruiting campaign to identify candidates with those strengths
  • We conduct pre-employment psychometric assessments and competency-based behavioral interviews with qualified candidates
  • We provide a Train-the-Trainer session on-site with a new hire training class, opportunity to observe our trainer delivery and we certify your trainer for ongoing training delivery
Your Quality Assurance is a priority at Ameridial:
  • Client QA Forms and Scoring Processes
  • Remote Call Monitoring
  • Formal and Informal Coaching
  • 100% Digital Call Recording
  • Weekly Calibration Calls
Your processes, branding and company culture are incorporated into our Call Center:
  • We design call-handling processes based on your unique priorities
  • We incorporate your company culture with logo apparel, signage, business processes and internal jargon
You see quantifiable, cost-effective solutions with our transparent communication process:
  • Daily calls and report, weekly and monthly summary, quarterly business reviews
  • Virtual on many client platforms
  • Remote call monitoring
  • Self-reporting of any incidents
  • Near real-time reports and recordings on demand from our customer portal
Flexible technology platforms leveraged to meet any customer interaction:
  • Unified multi-channel inbound, outbound and blended contact processing and email, web chat, click-to-call channels
  • Intelligent routing to accurately distribute inbound calls and reduce abandoned rates
  • Skills based routing direct callers to the most appropriate agent group to handle the call