ameridial rep making callHealthcare is an industry in which timeliness, reliability, and accuracy are vital to delivering quality care to patients. A medical call center and its staff are a crucial component of your overall healthcare services. A poorly run call center leaves a bad impression on patients and can be disastrous if important healthcare records and details are not accurately received, putting patients at risk. If you’ve been hearing complaints about customer service lately, here are some telltale signs you need to look into replacing your current medical call center.

Poorly Trained Staff

A friendly voice on the other line combined with knowledgeable and competent service can make a world of difference. All properly trained call operators should be armed with the necessary information about your clinic to provide helpful service. If you receive complaints about rude or incompetent operators, this reflects poorly on the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Ensure that you have set clear guidelines about how patients should be treated and follow up with a review process.

Ask: What training process do your operators go through?

Long Wait Times

With today’s technology and with an adequately staffed call center, long wait times are simply unacceptable. Being put on hold for more than a few minutes is frustrating, especially if a patient has an urgent request or question.

Ask: What technology do you have in place to handle phone calls? What average wait times can we expect?


The healthcare industry is governed by laws and regulations (most notably HIPPAA) to ensure patients’ private information is kept secure. Using a call center that is non-compliant with HIPPAA is a definite red flag that could land your practice in hot water.

Ask: Is your company compliant with HIPPAA? Do you send encrypted text messages to protect privacy?

Too Many Errors and Mistakes

While every operator is bound to make mistakes occasionally, it becomes alarming when you begin to notice that mistakes have become the norm, rather than the exception. Typos, omissions of important notes and incorrect spellings of names can slow down your productivity and put patients at risk.

Ask: What measures do you have in place to ensure the accurate transmission of information?

Inadequate Language Skills

Perhaps you live in an area where many of your patients require assistance in another language. Or maybe you’ve received complaints of operators having poor English skills. To avoid mistakes and miscommunication, it’s important that patients receive reliable service in the language they are fluent in.

Ask:  Do you have operators that are bilingual or fluent in other languages?

The Ameridial Difference

Ameridial’s roots are in the healthcare industry with years of hands-on experience managing medical clinics of all sizes. Our management team comes from the health insurance industry and understand the needs of patients. We are fully compliant with HIPPAA/HITECH as well as HHS, OCR, NIST, CMS, X12, NCPDP and Public Comment.

Contact our team today or call 800-445-7128 to learn more about services and how the Ameridial team can help.



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