Pricing and Call Center Support Models

The pricing for outsourcing call center support is based upon the type of support you select. How do you know if you want Shared vs Dedicated agents? A Hybrid set-up? Read on to learn more about each type. There are benefits to each agent model. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your needs in more depth. This will greater enable us to give you more specific pricing for your product or services.

What do you offer?

Ameridial primarily offers four pricing structures based on the type of agent support you select: Dedicated Team Model, Shared Team Model, Hybrid Team Model, and a Pay-for-Performance Model.

Where to Start?

The most important things to consider when deciding on a model are your customer support needs, hours of operation, product depth and call volume. This will help you in your decision.

Which Model is Best?

As each client has individuals needs and considerations, there is no set answer to this question. The Dedicated Team Model is our clients’ most popular choice, followed by the Shared Agent Model.

Dedicated Model

This is our most popular support model. This is the most cost effective option provided you have sufficient volume to warrant this model. With dedicated agents, you have a specialized team exclusively focused on handling your inbound and/or outbound calls. There are many benefits to dedicated agent including:

Specialization: These representatives become your subject matter experts. They’re trained to understand your brand messaging, culture, audience, product details, policies and systems. They service your customers exclusively and apply their training knowledge to every interaction. You will quickly come to think of Ameridial’s dedicated team as a direct extension of your internal team.

Mastery: Dedicated team members not only specialize in applying their acquired knowledge; they master it. They navigate your systems and work through customer concerns with a practiced ease. Having a dedicated team offers your customers the most effective customer service experience of any model.

Integration: A call center solution containing dedicated representatives is ideal whether we handle all of your call volume or supplement your in-house team. Our partners integrated our team with theirs. The dedicated agents become a cohesive unit, dependable and easily scheduled to meet your needs.

Client example: A dedicated model is often chosen when training is extensive due to a complex product or service support need requiring a high level of expertise. For example, in the case of healthcare companies we support, dedicated call center agents need to know more about the plans they service and the needs of their callers. As the specialists service more members through the cycle of a healthcare year, they have an easier time speaking to enrollment rules and regulations as well as plan changes. This translates into smoother support for your customers and a lower cost per transaction for you. Our retail partners also typically choose this model. By employing Ameridial’s brand ambassadors to service their customers, we can provide a VIP level experience on their behalf.

Dedicated Model Pricing

Dedicated support time is billed by the hour. Together, we will review volume and desired service levels and agree to a staffing model. Your monthly budget is easy to plan by applying the hourly rate to the agreed-upon support hours and number of personnel.

Shared Model

This is another popular support model. With shared agents, you have a scalable team ready to take, or make, your calls. These representatives are shared between multiple clients. In this model, you don’t pay for idle time – this is one of the model’s greatest strengths. As with dedicated call center agents, there are many benefits to this model, including:

Flexibility: With a pool of on-demand representatives, we can coordinate our coverage with your marketing initiatives. There are several ways to manage you call activity. You can route us a percentage of your calls or overflow calls that have waited in your queue a certain time. Additionally, we can service all of your customers during days or hours when your internal department is closed. Our call center software presents our reps with your specific scripting when a call arrives, ensuring a smooth transition from one partner’s program to another. Since shared agents work with multiple partners, we have great flexibility on staffing.

Rapid Response: The shared model works best with shorter, and simpler, call types. With a simpler call type, the training period is quicker and agents can be taking, or making, your calls very quickly. This also enables a faster ramp-up if you have a more immediate need.

Adaptability: We typically house the telephony needs on our platform so the agents use the same system for all shared programs. This reduces agent training time. The agents learn quickly when dealing with multiple clients as they can combine their strengths.

Client example: A shared model is used by some of our Retail and eCommerce clients as well as our Nonprofit organizations. Many of them will run a commercial on television urging callers to ‘call now.’ We schedule the coverage to coincide with these campaigns. During the rest of the month, when calls are less frequent, staff is still on hand to take the calls but our clients still only pay by the minute, not for a dedicated resource.

Shared Model Pricing

Shared support time is typically billed by the minute. You pay the agreed upon rate for those minutes we service your customers – no idle time is ever billed to you. Each program has its own unique identifiers and scripting.

HIPPA Compliant call center for healthcare

Hybrid Model

This approach to agent support goes by many names. It’s sometimes called blended, dedicated-core, or the flex model. It’s a hybrid of the dedicated and shared models discussed previously. With this setup you have a dedicated group of representatives who form your core team (typically, they handle 80% or more of your inquiries). When additional support is then needed, we can flex in shared agents to help during your spikes in call volume.

Scalability: This model provides the greatest scalability of any model offered. It can most rapidly adapt to increases in call volume, especially if it higher than projected.  With this model you ensure the services of a core support team and we can bring in additional shared resources as needed.

Balance: If you find you are relying more and more on the shared representatives to supplement your core group, we can train more dedicated representatives. Additionally, if the dedicated agent pool is too large, we can scale down accordingly.

Depth: Depending on your needs and your call volume variances, you’re covered having a large pool of agents available to assist your callers.

Client example: Retail and eCommerce, as well as Nonprofit clients, are the partners most likely to use this model. They have different forms of advertising or promotions which will generate steady call volume handled by dedicated agents. At other times, such as during the holiday retail season or after a nonprofit call to action, their volume will surge and additional shared agents are called upon to assist during these peak times.

Blended Model Pricing

The Blended model pricing has two components. For the dedicated agents, those are billed at the hourly rate. When you require supplemental assistance, the additional flex agents are billed by the minute.

Pay-for-Performance Model

This approach to call center outsourcing is the least common model and one offered sparingly. It can include Dedicated, Shared, or Hybrid representatives. It is distinct in that the costs are typically linked to a result. There is a set cost when your goal is achieved – for example, a product or membership renewal, a confirmed sale or appointment is set. This pricing model is only available for programs vetted by Ameridial’s team.

Clear objectives: The success, and cost of this model, is dependent upon the objectives of your program and the cost viability for both parties.

Variation: The costs for this pricing model are more variable. They are typically tied to a unique campaign, price point, offer, list, etc.

Reporting: This, over all other staffing and pricing models, offers the most clear monetary reporting. For others, it may be hard to measure “customer service” effects but in this model, we can report on the exact number of sales made or appointments set.

Client example: Some Auto Dealer Service clients utilize this model. It more closely mirrors their in-house practices with commissions and incentive.

Pay-For-Performance Model

This pricing model is based on an achieved event rather than a staffing model. Your costs are based on the event or objective completed rather than agent time.

Additional Considerations

As we stated above, we believe in transparency and will openly discuss and agree upon all aspects of a contract before services are rendered. That way, you have the assurance you know what your costs and pricing will entail. Here are a few additional items for consideration:

Training: Training is typically billed at an hourly rate for customer service representatives on any support model.

Implementation Fee: This is the startup fee for your programs and services. This can vary depending on how the telephony is setup, the complexity of your program, and system/programming needs.

Interpretation Services: If you utilize our vendor, Interpretation Services are billed at cost with no additional fees.

Reporting: We charge NO fees for reporting. Additionally, we offer a free online portal where you can pull ad-hoc reports or calls on demand.

The Ameridial Promise:

We bill to the exact minute and do not round.

We will schedule support as specified so your costs are controlled and predictable.

We believe in transparency and will openly discuss and agree upon all aspects of a contract before services are rendered.

All services are performed onshore. Your calls will never go overseas.

We know one size does not fit all when it comes to your call center support solution. Please Contact Us and we’d be happy to give you a no-obligation quote specific to your needs.