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24x7 Personalized Support for Direct Response Marketing

We have a scalable team of support experts who can provide seamless communication support to your direct response Ad campaign across channels.

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Direct Response Marketing
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Customizable Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing Solutions

Multilingual Support Experts

Support Experts

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Support That Improves Conversion for Your Direct Response Media Campaigns

Your direct response marketing efforts need the right communication support to be effective. With the right direct response call center support, you can boost conversion and minimize call abandonment.

By collaborating with Ameridial, you bring expertise and experience of 30+ years to support your marketing activities. We provide seamless communication support to your direct response media campaigns and direct advertisement through advanced tools and a skilled workforce. As a well-known direct response call center, we ensure promotion success with an innovative process, efficient employees, and the latest technology.

Planning to run a DRTV or direct response advertising campaign? Want to improve conversions and reduce the number of abandoned calls? Schedule a free call with our expert to discuss your service requirements and understand how we can align.

Outsourcing Services
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  • 30+ Years of experience
  • 3000+ Experienced support experts
  • Compliant infrastructure
  • Customizable support solutions
  • Regular quality checks
  • Multilingual & Multichannel support



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From Inquiry Handling to Return & Refund
We Provide Personalized Support That Compliments Your Direct Response Media Campaigns

Inquiry Handling

Inquiry Handling

As a direct response call center, we handle all the inquiries of your prospects and provide them with the correct information regarding your product.

Outbound Services

Outbound Services

We offer outbound support to your process. In case of an unexpectedly high volume of calls, we can generate callback requests and call them back at their convenient time to ensure all your prospects get converted into customers.

Order Management

Order Management

We specialize in order taking, order processing, and order tracking processes. As a multilingual call center services provider for direct response business, we provide support in English, Spanish and Canadian French and have the capability to provide additional multilingual support in over 40 languages.

Direct Response Sales

Direct Response Sales

We provide 24x7 inbound sales support through voice and non-voice channels. We ensure that all your inbound calls are attended to and gets converted into sales.

Return & Refund

Return & Refund

As a 24x7 multichannel direct response call center, we have the capability of processing return and refund requests in large volumes. Here, we also train our agents to deliver an experience that ensures minimum attrition.

Complaint Handling

Complaint Handling

We can process all your customer complaints regarding the product or delivery issues. It allows you to deliver a better CX even when things are rocky.


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