Retention And Acquisition – The Changing Landscape Of Patient Relationship In Healthcare

Patient Relationship In HealthcareThe present public healthcare emergency has increased the importance of business agility for healthcare. The rapid change in patient retention and acquisition is a predictable phenomenon. If you look at Google Trends, the analysis will show a constant rise in the COVID insurance search volume and virtual healthcare assistance. So, healthcare organizations are upping their decision-making skills, patient retention and acquisition rate, and service expansion by partnering with the medical call center.

Within the uncertainty that the pandemic has created, it makes strategic sense for healthcare businesses to prioritize their digital transformation and Omnichannel support.

Patient Retention – Why your current patients are your best assets?

Ameridial has been serving the healthcare industry since 1987. In our tenure of service, we have seen how rapidly the healthcare sector changes in terms of compliance requirements, business operations, and patients’ expectations. Today, acquiring patients is an integral part of marketing. But, with the growing numbers of healthcare facilities and door-step services, the new patient acquisition is a lot more time-consuming and resource-occupying than retention. Why? Here are some observations our internal marketing team had:

  • The existing relationship with a hospital, clinic, physician or medical insurance company gives a familiarity of trust and eliminates first-time presentation and approval barriers.
  • Existing patients can buy additional services or facilities from a trusted healthcare operator. So the opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling are more.
  • If they are happy with your service, they will act as a viral marketer for your brand and refer your hospital or healthcare company to their family and friends.
  • As a medical call center, we analyzed that it is easier and faster to convert an existing patient to a buyer for a new service.
  • Patient retention cost is next to zero, whereas acquiring new prospects is time and money-consuming.

What’s more? It is convenient for healthcare agents to approach an existing contact than to cold call the newer ones. However, it doesn’t mean Ameridial hasn’t helped medical organizations to acquire new patients. We have, and we will, irrespective of the market scenarios. Let’s check out what strategies can drive patient acquisition.

Healthcare Marketing Strategies – Can they boost patient acquisition?

The rapid change in the healthcare spectrum is not something new. When we are working for healthcare, we know we have to be agile, flexible and scalable. When it comes to patient acquisition, the old-school marketing methods, combined with new strategies, work best. Here are new ways for patient acquisition that we implement as HIPAA service providers:

Executing Newsletter Campaigns for Patients

It may sound like an activity for the eCommerce industry, but staying in regular communication with your existing patients, whether they visit your facility or not, is extremely important today. Your patient efforts will be impactful through a newsletter campaign designed by experts like us.

Increase visibility online with Social Media presence

Today’s healthcare customers are more well-read and internet-savvy. They start their investigation by reading content online and also cross-verify the content by reading reviews. It would help if you evolved digitally to cater to those customers. Build a high-quality social media presence, post regularly, and respond to patients’ queries. Usually, hospitals or medical departments that outsource sales, marketing, and customer service get social media profile management support from the medical call center.

Monitor Patient Feedback and Online Reviews 

The reviews are crucial for establishing trust. They can also be necessary for online SEO rankings, visibility. Hence, drive customer acquisition and revenue. There are popular review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, RateMDs and Vitals where patients post feedback and reviews. As a healthcare provider, you have to check and manage those platforms regularly.

You, too, can implement these marketing strategies if you can manage your internal resources and deal with the complexities of medical compliance.

Patient Retention and Acquisition with Ameridial

Having an efficient patient retention and acquisition strategy is most important in today’s changing healthcare landscape. With so many new technologies and services, our medical call center services will provide you more opportunities than ever to engage existing patients, win over new patients, and promote your healthcare brand in the best possible ways.