Outsourcing Explained: Why Outsourcing Isn’t a Dirty Word

Why Outsourcing Isn’t Always a Dirty WordOutsourcing Explained US Based Call Center

The word ‘outsourcing’ has received a lot of press in the past several years as has concerns about the H1B visa issue. It’s a complicated subject but at Ameridial we keep things simple as we are an outsourced vendor based entirely in the U.S. We share the logistics and benefits to outsourcing and why it’s not a ‘dirty’ word.

Outsourcing Explained – What does it mean?

Outsourcing, in the simplest sense, means a company contracts with another vendor to do the work with them, or for them, to varying degrees.

Is Outsourcing the same as Offshoring?

No. The term offshore typically means the work is being done outside of the United States. You can do both, though! Some companies are famous for offshoring their outsourcing. This means they have a company outside of the United States helping with their needs.

Why Outsource?

Companies outsource for a number of reasons but primary among this is efficiency. Companies can save money, time, and they benefit from external expertise. The companies they outsource to typically specialize in an area and offer resources that can be utilized instead of a company having to create the resources from the ground up. For example, Ameridial offers call center solutions and we have three main areas of specialization – Healthcare, Retail & Ecom/Consumer Goods, and Financial services support.

Outsourcing as a Solution

Outsourcing may seem complicated at first but it offers a great deal of benefits. Continuing with the Ameridial example, if a company wants to offer customer service phone support they utilize Ameridial so they do not have to build a call center or do the training and hiring. It’s the same reasoning as why, when you have extensive home or car repairs, you typically go see a professional who is trained in that area. It saves time, money, and a lot of frustration if you were to do it yourself. A company can quickly expand hours of support for customers. Nothing is more annoying than trying to call somewhere and it’s closed. With additional support you can get help in the evenings after work or call on a weekend. This is beneficial for customers and companies.

Unquestionably, we find that having U.S.-based personnel and services increases the comfort level of our client’s callers. This method also keeps jobs in the United States. It’s a win-win scenario! There you go – outsourcing explained!