Omni-Channel Support

In an ever-evolving world of technology, multi and omni-channel contact center support are often used interchangeably. The new facets of business ownership and marketing models almost change faster than the terms to describe them. What are the differences, and how can outsourcing help you increase your customer service options and satisfaction?

Multi vs Omni-channel Support

Omni-channel support is typically described as the approach which involves all available mediums for communication and customer interaction. This means you have brand representation on everything from social media to multiple methods of online support and it all integrates into one unified experience. Multi-channel support will still have a unified experience but differs in that it may not offer the same level of integration. Instead, a company has chosen several different methods of offering customer support and engagement.

Omnichannel call center Support with AmeridialAs an outsourced contact center, we see the benefits to both approaches. We find the utilization or the nomenclature of a multi or omni-channel support model varies from client to client. Our goal in the multi vs omni-channel ‘debate’ isn’t to pick sides but rather, offer the maximum amount of customization for all businesses.

We do this by offering the ability to choose the most flexible and customizable options that benefit your business! In fact, you’ll see us state on our website in multiple places that we pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable, and reliable healthcare customer service options. The best way we can put those words into action having you define the aspects of your onmi-channel contact center support solution. Perhaps you want to have voice and email support, or voice and chat. Some clients have come to us because they only want chat services but find they also benefit from voice support and a specially customized IVR.

We understand a true omni-channel solution can, at times, be challenging. There may be parts of your business you prefer to keep in house, or, things you may want to roll out successively. All of the services we offer can be adapted to encompass the same things an omni-channel customer service solution can do, but it has you at the helm. Our flexibility allows you to choose what you want and need, and not be roped into an all-inclusive package you’re trapped in or may not use like you can find with other vendors.

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Outsourcing as the Answer

Many clients come to us because they want to expand their customer communication options, and we make it easy to do that a service at a time. The additional support options we offer in addition to Voice Services are Click-to-Call, IVR Customization, Virtual Queue Callback, Email, SMS, and Chat. From these, you have the power to choose how you build your outsourced solution. We prefer to regard our options as a multi-channel solution rather than an onmi-channel solution because there is strength in a solution which gives you the freedom to pick the parts of it you want!

Services we Offer

Voice: This is our most popular support option. Nothing beats a phone call when it comes to customers needing support. We offer comprehensive Inbound and Outbound solutions.

Chat: This method of customer interface grows exponentially every day. We can easily have your existing support representatives take on this additional responsibility if you’d like to trial it out. With smartphones and the demand for live, 24/7/365 assistance, this is a great cost-saving way to expand your customer support.

Email: The Ameridial team can help your company with inbound or outbound correspondence. This can involve sending and monitoring static emails to fully customized responses. Many clients choose this because it gives their customers a more streamlined, efficient experience.

Click-to-call: You can integrate this feature into many online advertisements, and when a customer clicks, or taps, to call they are immediately routed to a representative. This is a great way to capture those spur-of-the-moment calls. Better still, we can set up support to be 24/7/365 so you never miss a lead!

IVR Customization: Everyone has had to endure going through an IVR system at some point – why not make yours easy and intuitive? We have lots of experience routing calls and understanding what works best from a customer perspective as well as a business standpoint. We can fully customize your IVR to quickly guide callers to a knowledgeable representative. This works for Inbound and Outbound call types as well.

Virtual Queue Callback: This is a great addition to any omni-channel customer support solution. With it, we can give your callers the choice to opt out of holding so that they are called back when it’s their turn in the queue. You can easily reduce frustration customers feel when they encounter hold times and help service level, too!

SMS: Text messaging is another popular support option. Our team can help your customers when they reach out via text. With the popularity of SMS growing, it’s another great way to give your consumers the options they need!

This is an overview of how many of the services we offer – you can learn more here. Any of the parts can be combined to make the perfect solution for your business needs. We believe there is no preset option you need to buy into – rather, we believe in giving you the ability to customize your flexible support! Whether you have a multi or omni-channel business, we are confident we can create the perfect solution for your contact center needs!

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