Omnichannel Call Center for MedTech Companies for Better Patient Care

Call Center for MedTech Companies for Better Patient CareMedTech, also known as Medical Technology, is all the products, solutions, and services leveraging technology to improve healthcare. From ultrasound tests to radiology, from pregnancy tests to hearing aid, medical technology has been there for ages. When you have a fever, you get the temperature checked on a thermometer. When you have poor eyesight, you get your eyeglasses. When you are suffering from a disease, the physicians provide you with treatments with the help of medical devices and technological solutions.

Although MedTech companies do not lag technological expertise, they need to get better at customer centrism. To stay competitive in the highly evolving medical technology sector, you should have a customer-first strategy. Many MedTech providers and medical device manufacturers outsource to an omnichannel call center to evolve from a product-centric model to a customer-centric one.

Impact of Social Media, eCommerce, and Personalized Care

With the rise of eCommerce, social media, and personalized medical care, providing an omnichannel experience is a must to boost sales and increase brand value.

Let’s break this paragraph into points where medical technology can be more impactful when partnered with a call center and improve our quality of life:

Disease Prevention

Thanks to technology that could prevent medical emergencies. As the old saying goes – prevention is the best medicine; there are advancements in preventive healthcare. From remote patient observation, telemedicine, telehealth to vaccines and breakthrough solutions, there are services with which you can prevent diseases before they occur. However, you can’t do everything alone. It would help to thrive in the new digital world if you had customer service teams, marketing assistance, and consumer survey support. An omnichannel call center with experience in MedTech can help you with a unified communication solution.

Health and Wellness

The e-Commercialization of medical technology has been a blockbuster as it directly attracts a new generation of customers who are online savvy and app users. MedTech in eCommerce is the next big thing and there are vast numbers of untapped opportunities in the market. Health and wellness apps, fitness bands, blood pressure monitors, and several innovative and unique concepts are selling like hotcakes on the eCommerce platforms. So, it would help if you had assistance with order taking and management. Your outsourcing partner with omnichannel solutions streamlines communication and the entire order management process.


The MedTech is a lifesaver for diagnostic centers. But, from booking appointments to emergency calling to report collection, a whole host of effort goes into handling the patients. Sometimes, delayed diagnostic reports lead to delayed treatment. Here, the medical technology fails not because it is not up-to-the-mark but because there was a gap in report dispatch and collection. An omnichannel call center can help restructure communication on all channels – email, phone, social media, and chat. Ameridial has been catering to healthcare companies and MedTech providers for a while now. With our click-to-call integration, IVR customization, and virtual queue callback

Engagement in the product lifecycle

At present, customers and patients don’t just want better treatment or CX. They also want convenience and engagement in the product lifecycle. They are more demanding than ever and feel more empowered with access to the latest healthcare technology. The influence of social media and even the non-medical sector like the entertainment industry telecasting medical dramas, especially OTT platforms, are increasing day by day. Their expectations are set at an all-time high. And, it isn’t easy to meet their expectation without getting better at customer service and building strategy for greater customer engagement.

At Ameridial, we facilitate timely interaction, answering support and outbound efforts to improve outcomes in the highly specialized areas of MedTech. Those areas include product promotion, remote monitoring of a patient’s condition, telemedicine and telehealth, order processing, app support, product guidance, and so on. Need omnichannel call center assistance for your MedTech business? Call us now to discuss.