Call Centers in New York

Partner with an onshore call center to give your business a competitive edge. At Ameridial, our U.S.-based professionals simplify the call outsourcing process so your business can streamline operations and reap the rewards. Since 1987, we’ve handled calls for healthcare organizations, insurers, retailers, auto dealers and nationally recognized nonprofits in the Big Apple. Today, we work with e-commerce brands, financial services businesses and tourism operators across New York from the Finger Lakes to Long Island. Our services are tailored to clients in these industries.

  • Healthcare: We provide HIPAA-compliant billing, scheduling, revenue recovery, and patient concierge services for clients in the healthcare industry from our professional healthcare call center.
  • Retail: Whether you manage a car dealership or an e-commerce brand, we can assist at our automotive call center¬†with inbound customer service, order processing, and outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Nonprofit: Our fundraising call center has compassionate U.S.-based professionals who can help your organization achieve its fundraising goals.

Why New York Businesses Choose The Ameridial Advantage

At Ameridial, we help New York businesses experience the benefits of outsourcing while keeping their customer support team 100 percent onshore. With six regional call centers in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest, we focus on serving clients in the New York market, including Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Work with our experts to experience these advantages.

  • Our professionals can schedule service appointments, manage customer retention campaigns and help your sales team capitalize on leads.
  • Ameridial offers four flexible pricing options based on the scale of your campaign, expected call volume and level of service that you require.
  • With a scalable workforce in three states, we can effortlessly ramp operations up or down to handle spikes in call volume while maximizing productivity and controlling costs.
  • Our experienced phone representatives embody your brand and your company’s values. With industry-specific teams, we already know your business inside and out.
  • We focus on key performance indicators, such as increasing first-call resolutions and reducing hold times for increased efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Each call center meets strict compliance standards for handling personally identifiable information, payment data and confidential health care records.

Inbound and Outbound Contact Centers for NY Companies

From Manhattan to Buffalo and the Capital Region, we provide a full range of outsourced call center services for businesses, including telemarketing and inbound customer support. Whether your company needs assistance with overflow call volume or after-hours service, we offer customized solutions and unprecedented flexibility. Our experienced management team has perfected the call center transition and ramp-up process, so your customers enjoy seamless service across channels.

If you’re interested in cost-effective multichannel solutions, we give you the freedom to choose a la carte services based on the way customers prefer to interact with your brand. Integrating web-based platforms and the latest voice technology, our multichannel services can increase your company’s operating efficiency and customer satisfaction rates while controlling your costs.

Ready to Switch Call Center Service Providers?

If you’re looking for a telemarketing partner or inbound call center in New York, contact Ameridial today! Our marketing experts can discuss your business strategy and provide a customized quote for the best outsourcing services for your business. Call 888-480-8700 to get started with Ameridial!