Take a True Power Lunch: Making Meetings Happen

Making Meetings Happen

Meetings can be overrated but at times they are vital. However, it can be very difficult to get your team together to brainstorm, train and receive updates, or even just spend a lunch break together informally team building. Here are three ways we help our teams stay on the proverbial ‘same page’ by making meetings happen. What works for you?


Take a Power LunchMaking Meetings Happen at Ameridial

Pulling everyone at once for a working lunch can be extremely beneficial. Have a presenter share a short training, watch a webinar together or take time to discuss company growth. You can even bring everyone together to celebrate a company milestone! This option offers the teams a wonderful opportunity to pull everyone together to review and regroup as needed.


Stand-Up and Learn

It can be vital to have ‘just a few minutes’ as a team. We suggest gathering everyone together for a quick stand-up meeting. Sip on your coffee and share the latest updates – plus, get a break from sitting all day! We have had client arrangements where this is done regularly to keep everyone abreast of all the changes or on an ad hoc basis. This helps keep the team calibrated and up-to-date.


Scheduled Meeting Time

It’s important to have regular touch-base meetings with the team be it weekly, monthly or quarterly. Sometimes these meetings become the first casualty when schedules get busy. Our partner needs vary – some have system updates they need to routinely share, or benefit meetings they need all their employees to attend. Planning this time away from everyday tasks and preserving its integrity can be vital to retaining team unity.


Resist the Temptation

Don’t assume the email you sent out will be enough to make the teams comfortable with a process change or the memo placed on their desk while they were out will make them feel in the loop. Instead, have that power lunch, stand-up session, or regular meeting. We have clients who utilize a variety of these three methods to help keep their teams up-to-date. Our teams flex to support them. Nothing beats a few moments together to share updates, goals or progress – you name it!


Ultimately, taking steps like these ensure the opportunities to meet change from the ones you want to have become the ones you do have – regularly. These are only three suggestions on how we help our teams achieve this – what have you also found to be successful?