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The market for consumer electronics and appliances continues to flourish due to people’s ever-increasing love for technology and convenience. The industry generates a buzz during each product launch, which leads to large volumes of inquiries from customers about the products. As a result, it can become difficult for an appliance brand or electronic device manufacturer to handle all inquiries promptly. Partnering with an experienced BPO like Ameridial can help.

Our consumer electronics BPO services include order management, product technical support, complaint management, installation support, new product awareness campaigns across multiple channels, telemarketing, and lead generation. With our multi-channel and omnichannel call center services for consumer electronics and appliances industry, we offer first-contact resolutions for customer queries across all platforms, resulting in a higher customer experience.

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From Tech Support to Order Processing
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Technical Support

Technical Support

We help you provide your customers “true-to-brand” experiences by offering a range of technical support (L1, L2, and L3) from basic and intermediate troubleshooting to complex problem-solving.

Order Processing

Order Processing

Order taking and processing for electronics and appliances brands include - receiving, recording, assembling information, filling the form for the invoice, and order dispatch. Our expert support team can handle them all competently for you.

Installation Scheduling

Installation Scheduling

As a part of post-sales support services, other than survey and feedback collection, we can also help you ensure that your customer receives timely installation support (where applicable) along with installation scheduling.

Warranty Claim Management

Warranty Claim Management

From new warranty activation, claim requests, eligibility inquiries, and claims processing to replacement and reimbursement - our team of expert agents can handle it all.

Consumer Sales And Support

Consumer Sales And Support

Identifying prospects and converting inquiries to purchases require expert sales support. We have both the expertise and experience to handle large volumes of queries and provide customer support that makes a positive difference.

Customer Care

Customer Care

Our agents are trained to generate value from each interaction. They also identify your valuable customers and nurture them to establish a long-term relationship. This process can improve customer experience significantly, reduce churn, and help you meet your business goals in time.


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