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Fashion brands work in a rapidly changing industry. To excel here, a brand needs to be innovative and pivot constantly. Doing this in sync and doing it successfully can be challenging, especially if you have the resource and budget constraints. Here Ameridial can help. We have 30+ years of experience in delivering consistent customer support across channels and verticles for numerous retail and eCommerce clients. Whether you are a fast fashion brand or an haute couture fashion boutique, we cater to your every outsourcing need through our call center for fashion and apparel industry so you can focus on improving your shopping experience. The best thing is you can do all this within the parameters of your budget. Schedule a free call with our retail and eCommerce executive today to discuss your unique needs and explore our solutions.

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From Digital Assistance to Logistics Management
All-in-One Customer Support Solution for Retail & eCommerce

Digital Assistance

Digital Assistance

Shoppers frequently need assistance with selecting a color, material, brand, billing, and more. Our scalable team of digital support experts can handle those queries and delight your shoppers.

Order Processing

Order Processing

Systematic order processing and management solutions from our apparel and fashion BPO can improve workflow and supply chains. We keep track of all your customers’ orders and handle steps for order fulfillment effectively.

Consumer Sales & Support

Consumer Sales & Support

Our experienced team of sales and experts can identify prospects and convert inquires into purchases.

Inquiry Handling

Inquiry Handling

Customers need a timely and accurate response to their inquiries. With our helpdesk solution, we can provide that. Our IVR systems can also help here by streamlining seasonal spikes inquiries.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Coordinating with logistics for timely delivery and shipping is a crucial aspect of the apparel and fashion business. We can handle this efficiently with our loss prevention framework and real-time tracking solutions.

Live Answering For Corporate Clients

Live Answering For Corporate Clients

Fashion eCommerce and retail businesses need a proficient team to handle corporate clients. We offer 24x7 live customer support that builds stronger relationships.


We leverage technology and human skills to overcome customer service challenges in the fashion and apparel industry and help businesses meet market needs. From tracking down new shopping behaviors to promoting your products, we at Ameridial can help you manage millions of customers in real-time across channels effectively.

Yes. Retail fashion customers value quality customer care and communication. As experienced apparel and fashion BPO, we design your CX process, scale up and down resources as required and ensure consistent service quality across channels. We can expand our workforce during the peak seasons to ensure that no business inquiries or sales opportunities go unattended. These efforts then add up to increase customer acquisition and result in greater ROI.

Yes. Order returns and replacement are challenging but unavoidable. You can rely on Ameridial to handle return, replacement, and order status inquiries. We provide all updates and shipping information to the inquirer and aim to deliver a superior customer experience at each interaction throughout a customer’s lifecycle. Whenever possible, we also try to convert return to replacement to reduce the percentage of refunds.

No. Businesses opt for outsourcing to reduce costs. Apparel and Fashion customer service is a highly specific domain. So choosing a customer support BPO experienced in this domain will save you from unnecessary expenses and help you streamline your CX for better returns. To know about our specified pricing structure, you can send us a query by clicking on 'Get a Quote.'

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