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As the retail sector moves from a brick-and-mortar presence to a digital setup, it is adopting new avenues of customer engagement. In this age of ever-changing customer expectations, Retail & eCommerce businesses must keep up with customers’ preferences to grow. For this, effective management of customer presence across channels and utilization of data to gather insights is essential. To help you do these diverse tasks effectively, we have an expert team of experienced agents ready for deployment.

We have over 30 years of experience as a retail BPO center. Our inbound and outbound solutions are flexible, highly scalable, and comprehensive to boot. Moreover, we have a multilingual workforce trained to deliver high-touch service and support at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle. These strengths together help us deliver an enhanced customer experience, boost customer loyalty, and improve revenue.


From Sales Support To Order Processing. We Are Well-Equipped To Handle Every Outsourcing Need You Have

Customer Care

We have the experience and technical expertise to handle all your retail inbound customer care needs, including product info, purchase status, credit card status, return status and billing inquiries.

Sales & Promotion

Our inbound sales team helps in boosting conversion rates through up-selling and cross-selling your products. We can handle your entire sales program or just any overflow sales support that you might need, including after-hours support. We also have the capability to quickly scale up the process during the peak shopping seasons without impacting the quality of the service.

Return & Refund

We can process return and refund requests of your customers via effective communication across several communication channels, including voice, email, text, and chat. It allows us to repair an otherwise not-so-good experience and turn it into a better CX, minimizing the chance of customer attrition.

Order Processing

We offer state-of-the-art retail inbound call center service with multichannel capability (voice, chat, email) that can ensure a better customer experience by providing accurate order processing and tracking information.

Inquiry Handling

Our retail inbound call center team is equipped to handle any questions that may come their way about your product, including product recalls and consumer affairs. We can specialize in providing your customers with accurate product information in your brand's voice.

Proactive Communication

Our team can help you communicate more often with your customers. Our proactive communication helps your team by building relationships with your customer that's worthy of loyalty.

Customer Support
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  • 30+ Years of experience
  • 3000+ Experienced support experts
  • Customizable support solutions
  • Regular quality checks
  • Multilingual & Multichannel support


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From Fashion Retailer Support to Tech Assistance For Electronics
All-in-one Customer Support Solution For Retail & eCommerce Industry

Apparel & Fashion

Hundreds of Apparel & Fashion stores rely on us for 24x7 omnichannel customer support. Beyond this core offering, we also handle tasks like order processing, billing, logistic management, and more.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

We provide smart, AI, and ML-driven support solutions that keep your customers happy and your business a step ahead. Specifics of the solution here include analytical solutions, supply chain assistance, sales support, etc.

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Nutritional Supplement

From inquiry handling and sales support to lead generation and order processing assistance - we provide seamless support across the board in diverse languages.

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Consumer Electronics & Appliances

Engage with your customers, solve their grievances, gather feedback and accurately assist them through complex processes with our support expertise.

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Retail and eCommerce companies outsource a wide range of services like sales, inbound customer service, order tracking, return, refund, complaint handling, omnichannel customer engagement, etc.

An expert eCommerce BPO like us can offer 24x7 live customer support via multiple customer communication channels to provide on-time and accurate answers to customer queries, order tracking requests, placing return or processing refund requests.

You can evaluate eCommerce contact centers or retail BPO partners by checking out their global reach, contact center size, plans, recognition and accreditations, relevant industry experience, client testimonials, learning and development programs, among other things.

As a Retail & eCommerce business, when you outsource to Ameridial, a Fusion BPO Group company, you get excellent customer support with cost-efficiency. As a Retail & eCommerce BPO, we have a global delivery model of 6 centers in the US, with 30+ years of experience in this domain.

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