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The non-profit sector is experiencing significant growth in the past few years despite the unpredictable economy, pandemic, growing competition, and changing donor behavior. To overcome these challenges, the non-profit sector must build a strong relationship with its donors and focus on creating an engaging donor experience. Inbound telefundraising is a potent tool to create a lasting bond between the donor and the non-profit organization, but it needs expert handling. Outsourcing your inbound telefundraising campaigns to an experienced BPO specialized in the non-profit sector can help you overcome this challenge.

At Ameridial, we have served the non-profit fundraising community for more than 30+ years as a strategic customer support partner. Our experience, expertise, strategic consulting, flexible 24x7 coverage, transparency, and competitive pricing sets our services apart. Our full-service inbound solutions are designed to meet the various support needs of different non-profit organizations, including DRTV campaigns, radiothons, and telethons. We can support your inbound telefundraising campaigns through multiple channels and provide an exceptional donor experience that leads to loyal donors and patrons.

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From Telefundraising to Donor Support
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Inbound Telefundrasining

Inbound Telefundrasining

With over 30 years of experience in telefundraising, we can seamlessly handle your inbound telefundraising requirement in multiple languages.

Email & chat support

Email & chat support

Our support experts are well-trained to provide email and live chat support to keep every donor informed and engaged.

Donor Care

Donor Care

We can enhance your donor experience with our multilingual omnichannel donor care services and our omnichannel expertise.

Direct Response

Direct Response

We support your DRTV campaigns with the right voice support that involves skill-based call routing, IVR support, and prompt query resolution.


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