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The education sector is highly competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, you should pay attention to creating excellent CX for students at every stage of their journey, delivering the right information to their guardians, and providing quality support to your faculty and staff. Our timely outbound communication and inbound support for incoming inquiries can help you deliver this.

At Ameridial, our experienced education call center agents can handle a large volume of inquiries over multiple channels to deliver an excellent CX. Our tools and capabilities cover a wide range of tasks in the education sector, such as lead generation, appointment scheduling, proctoring, 24x7 student support, and many others. Our services are also available for edTech, K-12, and autonomous institutes apart from colleges and universities.

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From Lead Generation to Tech Support
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Student Lead Generation

Student Lead Generation

Our lead-generation service involves gathering valid and interested contact information from prospective students via phone, social media, email, and PPC.

Inquiry Handling

Inquiry Handling

We provide your students accurate and timely information via multiple communication channels and answer all their queries in detail to ensure they don't switch institutes midway due to lack of assistance and poor customer support.

Proctoring Service

Proctoring Service

We offer education technology solutions like secure and live exam proctoring services for schools, universities, and online education platforms to help them conduct online tests and monitor test-takers remotely. Our secure technology also makes it possible for you to save valuable capital.

Third-Party Verification

Third-Party Verification

We do third-party verification for many energy and utility clients to ensure that customer information is accurate and up-to-date.

Tech Support To Students, Parents Ands Faculties

Tech Support To Students, Parents Ands Faculties

In this age of online education students, parents, and faculty need tech assistance from time to time. Our team of certified tech experts can help education businesses provide that assistance with adequate tech-related support for online courses.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our industry-specific inbound and outbound support for lead generation services boost your sales results. Our agents are specially trained to promote your brand and fill your sales pipeline with conversion-ready leads.


Schools/colleges usually outsource student lead-generation, appointment setting, chat support, answering support, student loan processing, collection support, and admission support. Apart from these primary services, we can also help you with e-learning registration, product selling support, and more.

As a leading Education BPO in the USA, we offer world-class education technology solutions – from assisting students with their queries to selling edTech products. We have tested methodologies and advanced technology that will add value to your business, increase customer satisfaction ratings and improve ROI.

With our support services, you can provide your students with seamless customer service. We provide students with the convenience of scheduling appointments for important events such as financial aid programs, virtual bookstore support, and school/college admission assistance without causing them to wander around carelessly around the campus.

No. Education providers and edTech companies outsource to a BPO to lower operational costs. We, at Ameridial, are known to provide best-in-call edTech call center services and outsourcing solutions for the education sector at affordable prices. You can schedule a free call with our expert to explore our pricing framework.

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