Automotive Call Center Services for Dealers and Dealerships

So many cars, so little time. When it comes to the auto industry, things move at a blistering pace. Our automotive dealership services are here to help you maximize your time, expand your customer service base and increase sales!

Have you or your team ever missed calling back a prospective customer because you were helping someone else?

Did someone reach out about that special vehicle on your lot only to go to voice mail or another dealership?

Would you like to find a way to streamline customer outreach and lead retention to ensure they are up-to-date on maintenance for their warranty services or are notified of outstanding recalls? We can help.

Drive Towards Success

Where the rubber meets the road: It’s not just a Saying

Many people know what it is like to be in a dealership, but few know how difficult it can be to run one. There’s the in-and-out of prospective buyers, phone calls, appointments, and new sales promotions happening constantly. It’s an exciting, fast-paced world. But what happens when there are more calls than you can handle? Or when your dealership tries to focus on service but struggles to reach customers? It can be difficult to maintain an even momentum.

At Ameridial, we can customize your automotive dealership call center services depending on your specific needs. The support options are endless: appointment scheduling, post sale or service surveys, loan and lease ends, recall notifications, lead follow-ups, warranty reminders and more!

Keys to Call Center Success @ Ameridial

That’s just one example of how we can help your team. In addition to the different types of services we can fulfill, we offer different pricing models so you can maximize your investment and your return. You can have a dedicated team of customer service representatives, or a shared model that can flex with your volume. If you’d like to discuss your individual situation please contact us. Every dealership is unique and we will help you create your custom solution!

You Offer Low Interest Financing, We Offer High Interest Services!

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable and reliable automotive call center services. Please let us know if you have questions about our automotive lead generation services by calling us at 888.480.8700.