You’re An Expert In Your Industry. We're Experts In Ours.
call center for healthcare, retail and nonprofit industry

Ameridial serves a variety of industries call center needs – each one with unique demands and core competencies.

That’s to your advantage. We’re constantly learning new processes and best practices from every industry we serve. We draw on these experiences and we make suggestions to create, manage and improve your own program – delivering maximum effectiveness and return on your outsourcing investment.

Our culture of caring and compassion.

From the early days, Ameridial’s success has grown due to agents trained in the art of caring and compassion – with the expertise to meet client performance goals.

We build on that culture to deliver results in every industry we serve.

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Have An Award Winning Partner Serve Your Customers
Ameridial Call Centers have the expertise and training to:
  • Generate quality sales leads
  • Consistently achieve sales conversions
  • Improve customer satisfaction and first call resolution rates
  • Groom customer loyalty
  • Provide all the communication channels your customers want
Ameridial is all about transparency

You see all our quantifiable, cost-effective Call Center solutions with:

  • Daily reports, weekly calls, monthly summary, quarterly business reviews
  • Remote desktops with virtual real time access to your platform
  • Self-reporting of any incidents
  • Open lines of communication
  • Near real-time reports and recordings on demand from our web site
We design client-specific solutions just for you:
  • We build on your own recruiting, hiring, training and quality processes
    • We build a profile of your most successful customer service or sales representatives — and launch a targeted recruiting campaign to identify candidates with those strengths
    • We conduct pre-employment assessments and competency-based behavioral interviews with qualified candidates
    • We seed the first training class with experienced representatives
    • Our Program Manager and Trainers attend a new-hire training session at your site to Train-the-Trainers
    • Your trainer is invited to be on-site for the first new-hire training class to observe our trainers delivery and to certify our trainer for ongoing delivery
  • Your Quality Assurance is our priority
    • Client QA forms and scoring processes
    • Equal focus on information provided and customer interaction experience
    • Remote call monitoring from your office
    • Formal and informal coaching
    • All calls are digitally recorded
    • Weekly calibration calls
  • Your processes, branding and company culture incorporated in our Call Center
    • We build specific call-handling processes based on your unique priorities
    • We incorporate your company culture with logo apparel, signage, business processes and internal jargon

Ameridial clients return year after year (and refer others)
because we deliver what other Call Centers can’t — or won’t deliver:

Trust earned through relationships.
Transparent call center management with full self-reporting on all activity.