Inbound Customer Service Solutions

No matter which industry your business serves, from Healthcare to Retail and eCommerce,  Dealer Service or Nonprofits – and everything in between – Ameridial is the partner you need to deliver results for your business. Our inbound call center services allow you to build those necessary touch points with your customers and deliver on your brand promises. Ameridial’s inbound services are designed to be extension of your business, providing seamless customer service while freeing up valuable time for your team.

Ameridial can extend your customer service hours and capacity in overflow situations or we can handle your entire customer service function for you, taking the load off of your team. Our expert call center agents set us apart, with quality often exceeding in-house call centers.

Order Processing

Expert Agents. Positive Experiences. Your sales team needs a partner they can depend on for order entry, cross-selling and up-selling. Our experts here at Ameridial are trained to mirror your sales team, so our services seamlessly complement your own. We know sales isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process that – done right – means customers will likely return for repeat business. Our team dedicates ample time to be sure that our agents are well-trained on your business, as well as have a strong knowledge of all your products and services. Cross-selling and up-selling services depend on that knowledge. At Ameridial, we want those selling opportunities to come organically, by providing a positive customer service experience that is helpful and consistent with the needs of your customer. Partnering with our team allows you to increase the amount of orders your business receives, while building lasting relationships with your customers.

Customer Service

Good customer service is key. That is a fundamental truth of any service industry. At Ameridial, we specialize in offering excellent customer service. Whether you are helping someone with health benefits, navigating a customer through a sale, or scheduling an appointment for a caller, superb customer service is vital. Our team focuses on first-call resolution, which means less hassle with follow-up calls and better customer care. We have our own internal customer service training which we train all representatives on, in addition to your own training. We supplement all training with quality assurance programs and coaching.


Dedication to Your Sales Goals. Team up with Ameridial to grow your customer acquisitions. We’ll help you achieve sales conversion goals through radio, mail, web or outbound calling. We will assemble and train a team of sales professionals, including Sales Managers and Project Managers, to extend your sales team through our dedicated outbound call centers. Our experienced sales team to be an extension of your own, using customized scripts with your key selling points. We manage inbound sales programs as cost-effectively as possible while working to maximize your revenue. Our team will drive your front-end metrics, such as higher sales conversions and order size, as well as lower cancels and returns on the back-end metrics.

Technical Support

Technology is everywhere. Your business needs to be able to react and assist when your customers need it. Our agents have the technical knowledge, skills and experience to handle your team’s tech support needs.From help desk offerings to Tier 1 technical support, Ameridial understands the importance of expert support. We train our agents to be able to listen and resolve customer concerns fast, whether they need assistance in trouble-shooting, help setting passwords, activating cards and more. We proudly become experts of your products, which allows us to provide seamless customer service for technical issues, saving your business both time and money while allowing your team to focus on their core competencies. We can also help with issue tracking, ticketing and reporting. Our goal is to create an efficient technical support program that is customized to suit your business needs.

Lead Qualification &
Appointment Setting

Keep your sales team selling. Ameridial can dramatically improve the productivity of your sales team when they call pre-qualified sales leads. We start by identifying the correct decision maker at the prospect company. We educate the prospects on the benefits of doing business with your company. We pre-qualify their need for your product or service and the timing of their purchase. We then arrange for a follow-up call, mailing or schedule a meeting with your inside or field salesperson.

Direct Response

We are ready to take the calls. Direct response marketing is meant to elicit a response from your audience. We are here to support you, and will work around your media schedule to provide staffing when call spikes are anticipated. Ameridial’s direct response team has proven success at front-end conversions, up-selling, cross-selling and back-end results. They know how to work with inbound inquiries and garner sales for your product. We understand how important is is to immediately capitalize on the momentum of an inbound call. In training we emphasize good selling practices and techniques. Once they have started working with customers, we continually coach and develop our agents to ensure they are poised for success. Additionally, our flexible staffing model means we’re here when you need us. We have coverage at any hour, any day or time.

Healthcare Products

Meet the medical needs of your consumers. While we specialize in Healthcare support, we also work with durable medical equipment companies. We are able to give your callers full customer service support, order assistance, and sales. At Ameridial, we combine all the proper customer service techniques with up-selling or cross-selling as applicable. We will help your customers find the items they need to enhance their health and well-being!

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable, and reliable customer service. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your inbound call center needs!