Improving Patient Care Through the Call Center

call center agent providing healthcare assistance to a patientCustomer satisfaction matters just as much in the healthcare industry as in any other. Often, the call center is a patient’s first experience with a provider or organization and can set the tone for the rest of the relationship. A positive experience can give the patient confidence in making the organization the choice for their healthcare. Healthcare call centers can also be used to drive personal engagement as well as increase patient satisfaction.

Investment in Healthcare Agents

The competitive healthcare environment means employing an experienced staff that understands the industry and have ‘soft skills’, making them relatable to the patient. Call center representatives who are trained properly will make the member feel taken care of. Agents need to show great customer service skills on every call to understand what the patient is going through.

More Empathy

The goal of any healthcare provider or organization should be care and healing. The call center should be to truly connect with the patients who want to speak to a knowledgeable, compassionate human being, not an answering service. Empathy in the call center is an important step in providing quality care and the best patient contact.

Patient Satisfaction

Hospitals, insurance agencies, and healthcare providers feel the pressure to improve the patient experience, as it has become an important measure of the organization’s success. Patients who have good experiences are more likely to recommend that healthcare provider to others, whether through conversation or social media. The call center can facilitate a high level of satisfaction by ensuring every call meets the patient’s expectations and needs.

Patient Outreach

A call center is able to use its capabilities to reach out to members and patients. A healthcare facility can perform reminders for follow-up appointments, health risk assessments, preventative care reminders, and referral reminders.  This makes the patient feel that the facility cares about their health, while leading them to better health outcomes.

Patient Retention

A call center that is invested in patients and members retains them as satisfied patients that are less likely to look elsewhere for services. An experienced agent will be able to handle most issues that come into the call center providing knowledgeable and confidence to the patient.  Additionally, call center representatives are specifically trained to identify patient needs and should know where to direct patients if they do not know the answer to the patient’s healthcare concerns.

Some organizations have identified the need for increased patient satisfaction and high touch healthcare customer service or to assist with specific patient healthcare programs. A third-party call center that specializes in healthcare, such as Ameridial is the solution.