Selling More to Customers in the Call Center

When a customer contacts your call center — for any reason — there may be an opportunity to generate more revenue. Taking advantage of this moment, when appropriate, is the best of both worlds for any retailer. It’s a way to not only resolve a customer issue but generate more sales at the same time.

Smart retail and ecommerce stores have an action plan, which includes a well-trained customer support team, focused on doing just this. They know any daily interaction with customers is a direct way to grow revenue. Here are 5 reasons why.


The value of up-selling is obvious in theory, but harder in execution. It’s only a good idea to attempt to sell more, or higher-priced items, to a customer under certain circumstances. But, a well-trained customer service representative will understand when that is, and how up-selling can be used in a way that benefits the customer. Trying to do this on every call will usually lead to a bad reputation for a company and turn many customers off. At the same time, support representatives who can introduce ideas and suggestions in the right way will sell more.

2. After-Sale Support

Customers’ after-sale experiences with a brand influence their future purchasing decisions. The expectations they may have about after-sale support, and whether you meet them, will affect their perception of your brand as much as anything else you do.

And, exceptional experiences lead to more sales. It also influences customers to be less price sensitive and even prevent customers from considering competitors on future purchases.

3. Butter Them Up and Be Credible

Customers who feel good after their interaction with your customer support team feel good about themselves, too. Reinforcing the idea their purchase was a good, smart choice is how every customer call should end. That’s hard given the nature of why most support calls start out, but it should always be the goal. It’s a feeling customers will remember next time they make a purchase.

4. Brand Awareness

Any interaction with the consumer presents an opportunity to strengthen brand awareness. The call center is a perfect place to talk more about what you do. This can be especially effective because it’s a one-to-one conversation and the support rep already knows something about the customer they can use to better relate to them. To avoid “over-selling” the message should be simple and consistent with how you want your company to be perceived.

5. Other Opportunities

When an additional sale is not possible during a phone call with a customer, it is still a good opportunity to get feedback. If a product is not working correctly, it becomes important information for your supplier or own internal manufacturing operation, so it can be fixed. Or, if the customer is satisfied with their purchase but is calling with a question, chances are other customers have that same question and it can be addressed on a larger scale, such as through a broadcast email or social media.

The call center is the perfect opportunity to connect with and make your customers feel valued, while simultaneously promoting your brand. Viewing the function as nothing more than a problem resolution tool is a mistake. Good and well-trained customer reps can be the key to growing your sales revenue significantly in both the short- and long-term.