How To Support Your Business With A Work-At-Home Agent Model?

work at home call center usaThe COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to affect every aspect of people’s lives, changing the way they work, shop, or travel.  Therefore, business flexibility has become the need of the hour. During this uncertainty, the work at home agent model can offer your business the flexibility, scalability, skill, and resilience it needs for a successful business continuity plan.

In this tough time, the ability to deliver superior customer experience can be the key to running your business as usual. Here’s what a flexible work at home agent model can do for your business.

Ensure CX excellence in a troubled time

It is a tough time for all- but that cannot be an excuse for delivering poor customer experience.  Businesses should continue delivering seamless, uninterrupted CX during crisis or business disruption. To do so, they must be ready for every challenge.

For example – retail businesses must be ready to respond to seasonal spikes and product recalls. The insurance providers and travel businesses should act swiftly in case of a health crisis like this COVID-19 pandemic.

Act Promptly

For a brick and mortar contact center, it is tough to ramp up or down as per demand. One has to find space, allocate seats, and recruit, hire, and train agents – which is a time-consuming process.  However, when you are in a crisis like this – time is a luxury you cannot afford.

The work at home agent model helps you act promptly. Without the restriction of a physical location, the model allows you access to a geographically dispersed pool of skilled home-based agents who can flex to your business needs at short notice. As these agents are working from their respective homes, the chance of the whole team getting affected is minimal. As a result, the work at home model ensures enhanced business continuity.


The success of your customer experience strategy depends on your ability flex to align scalability with market demand and unexpected events. Having a geographically dispersed workforce enables you to adapt to your customers’ ever-changing needs promptly with agility. In fact, in the present global crisis, having a geographically dispersed work at home model may become the critical factor that helps your business thrive through disruption.

Deliver uninterrupted CX in the face of disruption

With the authorities encouraging people to practice social distancing to control the present situation, third-party suppliers, such as contact centers, face some challenges like temporarily halting operations, and absenteeism. These can be the result of employee’s fear or the need to care for their family as schools remain closed.

The work from home agent model faces no such challenges. In the present situation, it can ensure the continuity in your operations. The agents will log in to a secure network from the comfort of their home and carry on with their daily schedule, enjoying a greater work-life balance without risking their health and safety.

Ameridial’s Work-at-Home Solutions

Integrating Work at Home solution in your business continuity plan can help you mitigate business risks caused by disruptions. With 3000+ home-based agents, our work at home solution offers you the flexibility to deliver consistent customer experience, even during seasonal peaks and unprecedented events. Staying prepared for any situation beforehand will give you a competitive advantage and will help your customers find quick solutions to their issues.

At Ameridial, we have successfully transitioned 75% of our predominantly brick and mortar contact center workforce to work at home set up within just a week to provide our clients with the business continuity benefits in these troubled times. To know more, check out our work from home solutions or contact us today!