How To Provide the Best Live Chat Support this Holiday Season

Live chat enables retailers to provide outstanding customer support to their client base throughout the year, but support personnel has an opportunity to really shine during the holidays when order volumes and client needs soar. This year, integrate these five expert tips into your live support processes to provide excellent customer service.

1. Don’t Rush Support Interactions

Often, customers in need outnumber the amount of support staff available on live chat, especially during the busiest time of the retail year. There’s no need to rush interactions, however, to try to provide high-quality customer service to as many people as fast as possible. Customers will be far more appreciative of a high-quality, non-rushed live chat experience than one that is abrupt or doesn’t provide a true solution to their difficulties. Other customers currently on hold for the next live chat rep may experience some impatience during their wait, but they, too, will appreciate a more robust experience when they reach the front of the line.

2. Fully Flesh Out Customer Concerns

Many customer service personnel want to alleviate customer concerns quickly so that satisfaction levels remain high. Before beginning to address the reason, the customer has launched live chat, reps should take care to fully understand the concern. First, let the customer present any narrative they may already have prepared. Next, ask probing questions that provide any missing details so the appropriate solution can be sought. Active listening techniques are appropriate in this type of customer care work — reflecting back to the customer what is “heard” (typed on the screen) can limit misunderstandings.

3. Always Offer Additional Support

While a customer may launch live chat for a specific issue during their online holiday shopping experience, they may have other concerns lurking beneath the surface. Every live chat experience should culminate with specific questions over what else a rep can do to make the customer’s experience better. Some questions to ask include:

  • What else can I do to ensure you’re satisfied with our service/products?
  • Do you have any other concerns I can address for you today?
  • How can I enhance your experience with XYZ company?

4. Emphasize Positive Verbiage

Customer support can be difficult when customers are frazzled and use unpleasant or negative language during their interaction. While reps can reflect back the dissatisfaction customers may share and express their empathy for the situation, every effort should be made to reframe language and interactions in a positive manner. Positive language not only reflects optimally professional customer service skills but can also influence customers to respond in kind.

5. Gently Employ Sales Techniques

The primary concern of live chat customer support reps is customer satisfaction, but these same individuals can also enhance their organization’s bottom line during the holiday season. By gently employing up-sale techniques, customer service reps help clients find additional products or services as they complete their holiday shopping. By utilizing observation skills as well as information gleaned during the live chat discussion, targeted suggestions can be made for related products that could benefit the customer. Avoid hard-sell methods, however, as this is off-putting to some consumers.

Contact Our Live Chat Professionals

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