How To Ensure CX Excellence During The COVID-19 Crisis?

Improved Customer ExperienceThe COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the business world. On the one hand, it has affected the travel, traditional retail, and manufacturing industries severely. On the other hand, it has opened new opportunities for e-commerce, healthcare, online gaming, and food delivery industries.

However, the supply chain is under severe pressure owing to global lockdown. In such a situation, with customer confidence at its lowest, businesses are looking for innovative ways to carry on their operations while catering to changing customer expectations and delivering high-quality customer experience.

Due to the recent crisis, consumers are inclining towards contact-less business operations, including customer interaction. To meet the changing customer expectation, more and more companies are opting for digital services. Healthcare, BFSI, telecommunication, and e-commerce industries are opting for self-service and digital channels. A large number of companies are also considering outsourcing their customer interactions to a reputed work-at-home contact center like Ameridial to ensure better customer engagement and customer experience.

Key Focus Areas

In the present scenario, companies must focus on two critical areas:

  • Customer Engagement – Engaging customers with social media and email and other customer interaction channels is the need of the hour. While under lockdown, many companies are forced to operate with a minimal workforce, engaging with their customers online is the least they can do to stay in touch with their customers.
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty – To make the most of the situation, companies need to understand and identify customer pain points and work towards their resolution. The current situation brings companies an opportunity to work on customer loyalty. With preparedness, priorities, communication, and action, a company can gain the favor of its customers.

Here are two significant changes that companies can adopt to improve CX in these troubled times.

1. Increased Emphasis on Digital-only CX:

With a strong digital footprint and digital readiness, companies can stand distinguished in the current market. Those who are yet to achieve a robust digital footprint can team up with outsourcing partners equipped with digital tools and technologies to do so. Digital self-serve channels, as well as live chat and chatbots leveraging analytics, can aid multiple aspects of customer interaction and help companies deliver improved customer experience in this tough time.

2. Work-at-Home Solutions:

A work-at-home contact center model is the critical business continuity solution for the present crisis. Working with an outsourcing partner with work-at-home capabilities cab help organizations drive better customer satisfaction. A work-at-home contact center solution with a global talent pool can offer companies the flexibility to ramp up or down quickly, ensuring better customer experience.

How Can Ameridial Help?

Ameridial’s work from home solutions are the perfect tool for business continuity in this COVID-19 crisis. Our WAH solutions are designed to ensure security, control, compliance to avoid any risk. At Ameridial, we have decades of experience delivering work-at-home services for many of our clients. We also have a global talent pool of 3000+ geographically dispersed home-based agents who can take care of your multichannel customer interaction needs from the comfort of their homes, ensuring improved CX.

To know more about our work at home solutions and how it can benefit your business continuity program (BCP), contact us today.