How To Deliver An Improved Customer Experience During The Pandemic

Improved Customer ExperienceThe COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses and their customers alike. While for many companies, it means pulling all stops to deliver an elevated customer experience, some other industries are struggling to give even the essential customer experience due to lack of resources and skeletal workforce. Customers, on the other hand, are experiencing loss of income and jobs, resulting in more frustration, anger, and confusion.

In such a situation, delivering improved customer experience has become more crucial than ever in businesses. And businesses too are keen on providing the customers with the experiences their customers deserve. While customer expectations keep changing as per industry, some of the critical steps to improve customer experience remain the same. These are:

Empathy is the Key

Your customers are going through a tough time now, and they need your support and understanding. Right now, it is essential to treat your customers with empathy and learn about their pain points. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Having live conversations with customers now is a great step towards putting them first.
  • You can put your research professionals onto customer service calls to understand their pain points.
  • Proactively reaching out to customers to know their issues can go a long way showing them that your company cares.
  • However, all talk and no action will only worsen the situation. Therefore, you must take concrete steps based on the findings to show empathy to your customers.

Improving Digital CX

In the current pandemic situation, your customers are staying at home to ensure their health and safety. In such a situation, more and more customers are opting for digital channels to access customer service. Companies, therefore, need to focus more on those digital channels and use them as a tool to deliver unparalleled customer experience. A few measures to be taken are:

  • Delivering quick resolution via voice, email, chat and social media.
  • Personalized customer service via all digital channels.
  • Proactive customer service to inform the customer of any changes in bills, delivery or return/refund owing to the present situation
  • You can run customer awareness campaigns, informing customers about the latest tips and tricks.

Adapting to the changing CX needs

As the situation is changing, the customers’ needs and wants are changing too. Therefore, the CX you were delivering a few weeks back may need to be changed in the context of today. Here’s what you can do:

  • Reviewing the current experiences you are delivering in the light of the present situation.
  • Do not forget to review planned experiences as well.
  • Pause any activity if needed.
  • Prioritize simplicity and clarity over complex experiences. Transparency and simple gestures can deliver a far better experience right now.

Improving Employee Experience

To motivate your employees to deliver excellent customer experience, you need to work on your employee experience as well. In this time of uncertainty, your employees look forward to your support and understanding. here are a few key things you need to keep in mind:

  • Your employees are afraid too. They are going through a lot of stress and anxiety owing to the pandemic.
  • your customers’ stress drives the stress level of the customer up
  • You need to take care of your employees’ well being. They will take care of your customer experience.

Hire a Multichannel Call Center

Hiring a multichannel call center can help you deliver high-quality digital CX amid the crisis that has forced you to operate on a skeletal workforce. Having a multichannel outsourcing partner like Ameridial allows you to:

  • Quickly respond to customer queries and resolve them.
  • Offer personalized customer service across all digital channels
  • Efficiently handle irate customers while turning their negative experience into a positive one
  • Deliver improved customer satisfaction
  • Turn your customers into brand loyalists.

Ameridial has over 32 years of experience in delivering high-quality customer experience to the customers of our clients from different industry verticals. Our work-at-home capabilities with 500+ WAH agents and 3000+ total workforce make it easier for us to deliver business continuity solutions to our clients during this troubled time.

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