How Direct Response Call Center Can Boost Your Retail Sales

Direct Response call centerFirst 30 callers will get a discount of 50%. The next 30 will get a 30 % discount.” If you are using this familiar pitch, you should be prepared to handle not just 30 +30 calls but hundreds of calls in a day. It is one of the proven techniques most marketers use to boost retail sales. However, many companies fail because they do not prepare for customer support to back a huge volume of calls. So here comes the role of a direct response call center. Whether you need help to run a media ad campaign or seeking assistance with managing bulk incoming calls, outsourcing direct response support is the best solution.

Direct response marketing – why do retailers prefer it?

From television to digital platforms, successful retail campaigns need attention at every touchpoint. If your marketing efforts and advertisement materials are great, it will compel the viewers to dial the number or respond to the call-to-action.

You can put your retail products and services straight on the customers’ sensor with direct response marketing. It is a proven marketing technique and is very relevant to the retail industry. It broadens the customer base and boosts profit, provided you can handle customer inquiries and convert them to buyers. Ameridial can be your 24/7 direct response call center partner and help you cut down costs of marketing. We have a skilled team and innovative technology to support your outbound efforts, infomercial campaigns, email marketing apart from regular answering services.

We provide seamless communication support to your media campaigns and direct advertisement through advanced tools and a skilled workforce. We ensure promotion success with an innovative process, efficient employees, and the latest technology.

What are the benefits of a direct response call center for retail?

If your retail business is not a very profitable venture, hiring an in-house team on a temporary basis is heavy on the pocket and time-consuming. With an outsourced customer services team ready to cater to your retail direct response needs, your internal team can focus entirely on the operational needs of your business. Operations include several aspects, like display placement, store design, money and credit handling, overhead maintenance, inventory optimization, supply chain management, etc. You do not have to hire a new team every time you run a campaign or launch an event. In addition, you don’t have to cover the staffing expenses and phone bills that can add up to the operational costs quickly.

Maximize marketing and advertising results

Direct response contact center services can help maximize outcomes for your advertising and marketing efforts. First, your company gets assistance in handling each call promptly. Then, as the call center becomes your brand voice, it responds to every call with utmost expertise and professionalism. As a result, the call waiting time gets reduced and customer engagement perks up.

Better customer communication with support from real representatives

While nobody likes to stay on hold for long hours or listen to the automated answering voice, direct response call volume can surge right after you launch a campaign or put up an offer. Hence, most retailers choose an automated answering system as a way to manage incoming calls. However, if you genuinely want to boost retail sales, you must have representatives who answer customers with personalized responses. No matter how tempting your offer is, a large percentage of callers hang up when they hear an automated voice on the other end of the line. With 24/7 direct response call center services from Ameridial, you don’t have to worry about missing a customer call and thereby sales opportunity.

The best solution is to outsource to an experienced direct response call center like Ameridial. We are armed with flexible resources and the latest call center technology to meet on-demand service requests from our retail clients.