How Can A Healthcare Contact Center Contribute to The COVID Immunization Process?

COVID-19 vaccines 2019 – 2020 saw the rise of the lethal Coronavirus or COVID-19. Unfortunately, medical professionals do not have potent medicines to prevent this ailment. Vaccination is the only weapon that can eradicate Coronavirus. Treatment institutes and pharmaceutical companies worked tirelessly to come up with a few effective vaccines.

Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for two COVID-19 vaccines. One needs to get two shots in a gap of 3-4 weeks to get the most protection the vaccine has to offer against this severe disease. CDC and healthcare organizations must closely monitor the immunization process. For this, they need assistance from a reputed healthcare contact center such as Ameridial, who can help them keep a tab on the people going through the immunization process.

Here is how a healthcare contact center helps the healthcare industry in COVID-19 Immunization process.

Spread Awareness about the immunization process – While the immunization process has begun in the U.S. in December 2020, large sections of the population are yet to be vaccinated. The vaccine will first be administered to people above 65 years of age and people with high-risk health conditions. It is a hectic task to contact people in those demographics and educate them about the immunization process. A healthcare call center can make the job easier for the healthcare organizations.

Answer relevant queries – With the immunization process in full swing, healthcare organizations will get a large volume of calls daily regarding the immunization process and how they can get immunized as soon as possible. There will also be some queries regarding the effect of immunization or the lifestyle changes due to the vaccine. It would be best if you had a dedicated team to answer those queries. A healthcare BPO like Ameridial can provide healthcare organizations the right kind of support via multiple communication channels.

Disseminate key information – A healthcare call center partner like Ameridial can play a key role in disseminating key immunization information to American population via multiple communication channels. Healthcare call centers have played a key role in the COVID-19 contact tracing process, providing important information regarding COVID safety process. They can resume the role by providing the people with key information such as immunization dates, process, precaution and safety measures.

Keep a tab on the people going through the process – The immunization process is a two-step process where people need to get two shots in a gap of 3-4 weeks. Healthcare organizations must keep a tab on the people who have already started with the immunization process to know the vaccine’s effect on them. This is a job for healthcare contact centers like Ameridial. These call centers can get in touch with people going through the immunization process and ask them key questions about their health to understand whether they are experiencing any side effects of the vaccine and in case they have a side effect, the call center agents can help them connect with the relevant authority. 

Collect data – Healthcare call centers can play a crucial role in collecting information regarding the COVID immunization process. It will help the healthcare organizations in improving the safety of the vaccine. A HIPAA compliant healthcare call center like Ameridial can play an important role in collecting data while keeping patients’ privacy and identity with state-of-the-art case management tools.

These are some of the ways healthcare call centers can help the healthcare organizations during the COVID. To know more about how Ameridial can help healthcare organizations during the COVID Immunization Process, contact us today.