Healthcall Customer ServiceEvery individual wants to lead a healthy life and stay fit. But, the human body is susceptible to many diseases. When a person falls sick, he/she needs medical care. Hospitals and private clinics provide the necessary services. These institutes cannot manage multiple business aspects on their own. Healthcare customer service providers are independent agencies, which supervise non-core venture operations.

Patients prefer hospitals and medical clinics, which have a high reputation in the market. People believe such organizations provide suitable treatment. No one wants to take a chance with their health. At Ameridial, we provide patron management facilities, which will boost the market standing of your hospital. Apart from super-specialty treatment institutes, our healthcare call center serves private clinics.

If you want to streamline patient management, increase sales, gratify customers, and improve present market rank, it is the right time to take action.

Get Top-Notch Healthcare Customer Service

  • Inform Patients

Ordinary people lack information about diseases and advanced treatment procedures. They depend on doctors and medical staff for answers. But, it is impossible to go to the doctor every time you need certain clarifications. Hospitals and clinics can increase engagement with customers with our help. Ameridial’s healthcare customer service agents are here to entertain patients’ calls. Our executives have ample training. They will provide accurate information to your customers.

  • Support Treatment Centers

Medical facilities often face technical snags. It reduces productivity and disrupts the workflow. At Ameridial, we provide technical support to treatment institutes. From data support to its security, if you have an issue, we will offer befitting solutions.

  • Physicians Referrals

People settling in a new area are unaware of the location of top hospitals, clinics, and medical specialists. Healthcare BPO services will help them get suitable referrals when the need arises. At Ameridial, we possess the details of reputed treatment centers. Our agents will listen to patients’ needs and guide them accordingly. If patients want, we will book a doctor’s appointment on their behalf.

  • Manage Insurance Claims

Most patients face issues when it comes to claim settlement with the hospital. It is an added burden for treatment institutes’ administrative staff. Sealing a deal with our healthcare call center frees your internal resources. We already have access to their insurance policy details. Our customer management executives will assist patients in filling in the claim forms. While our experts solve claim-related issues, your in-house employees can deal with important operations.

  • Round-The-Clock Assistance

It is challenging for a hospital to predict when a patient will call with a medical emergency. They need staff to monitor incoming calls contentiously. However, it is a tedious, expensive, and resource-intensive task. Ameridial has the necessary infrastructure to provide 24X7 support. Patients can converse with trained agents as and when they need. They can converse with our representatives via telephonic helplines, live chat platforms, and chat bots. We also provide communication facilities via SMS and email. Ameridial will customize an interactive IVR system to suit clients’ needs.

  • Post-Treatment Survey

Our main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction. It is the only way to gratify clients. At Ameridial, we take additional measures to make the patient feel special. The hospital’s job ends when the patient signs on the release document. Our work continues. The post-treatment survey falls under healthcare BPO services. Our patron management executives touch base with former patients and enquire about their current health status. These surveys gratify customers. The client gets valuable data through our services. Thus, they can analyze the survey reports and alter their facilities for betterment.

  • Reminder Call Facility

Some individuals opt for regular check-ups. As mentioned earlier, patients can book doctor’s appointments through medical customer support agencies. However, many people forget about the up-coming appointment due to professional pressures. It is the responsibility of the call center agents to reach out to such patients and remind them about the appointment. Thus, no patient will ever miss a meeting with a physician.

  • Invoice Generation

Hospital staff adds treatment-related details in their internal database. Healthcare customer service providers have access to these details. Trained agents update every patient’s file accordingly. When the person regains health, hospitals send a notification to the call center, asking for an invoice. Agents type in the patient ID into the database and retrieve the details. As the virtual document contains information about treatment procedures, customer care representatives generate an invoice within minutes. The call center sends a copy of this bill to the patient and hospital, respectively.

  • Outstanding Account Settlement

Not all patients have the financial capability to pay the full hospital bill at the time of discharge. If they do not have medical coverage policies, they must register for a credit facility. Hospital or clinic administrative staff have other vital engagements. They do not have time to chase patients for final account settlement. Healthcare call center executives will accomplish this task.

These professionals have access to patients’ files. They can see the outstanding amount with the click of a button. These agents get in touch with patients and request them to clear the debt. It helps clients in two distinct ways. Hiring these agencies saves resources. It also regularizes the inflow of money into the clients’ accounts.

Why Ameridial Is the Best Healthcare Customer Service Provider?

We have an enviable reputation in the market. We cherish the support we receive from our loyal clients. Thus, it is our responsibility to satisfy them with better patient management facilities. Here are the points which makes our services popular:

  1. All call center agents have ample training to handle patients’ calls
  2. We use state-of-the-art technologies to meet market standards
  3. Our healthcare call center has HIPAA/HITECH approval
  4. We stick to the SOC2 standards while developing our business policies
  5. Our service packages are customized as per clients’ needs
  6. Reasonable pricing allows clients to stay within the budget
  7. Gratifying clients and customers is our top priority

Worried about dwindling customer base? Do you want to streamline patient management services? If yes, give us a call on 888-480-8700. Our client managers will help in issue detection and solution development.