Georgia Call Center

At Ameridial, we recognize that every company is different. That’s why we offer a customizable suite of specialized non-core business process management through our Georgia call center outsourcing services. Our skilled agents support communication on channels raging from email, phone to social media. We offer most advanced, high-tech solutions and client services to transform your organization into a profit-generating hub.

  • Healthcare: As a HIPAA-compliant healthcare call center in Georgia, we offer customized solutions to medical insurance companies, clinics and hospitals, pharmacies and medical device providers. Our medical call center services include 24/7 answering support, appointment scheduling, claim management and day-to-day medical administration services.
  • Travel: For our travel and hospitality clients we offer an array of travel outsourcing services – from answering support to booking and refund assistance. Our experienced travel call center agents are trained to mirror your brand voice and align with your requirements for providing customers with seamless CX.
  • E-commerce/Retail: Our Georgia call center provides all-encompassing support for retail and eCommerce companies. We have exclusive retail call center solutions to meet global needs of your business. We are compliant with PCI-DSS for data security.
  • Automotive: We support automotive companies with dealership services, customer service operations, collection services, appointment scheduling and lead generation management.
  • Nonprofit: The Donor Care Center is created especially for the clients in the nonprofit sector. Our inbound fundraising team manages 200+ community outreach and fundraising events/ campaigns annually

Providing Top-Rated Call Center Solutions

With call centers in North Carolina, Maine, and Ohio, we’re uniquely positioned to serve businesses with customers across Georgia and the Southeast. We offer inbound, outbound and multichannel services with flexible tiered pricing based on the scale of the project and your company’s average call volume. Our inbound phone representatives handle all types of industry-specific calls and inquiries, ranging from customer service support and billing questions to appointment scheduling.

  • We also offer PCI-compliant payment processing for retailers and medical providers via Georgia call center.
  • From traditional telemarketing to consumer research, our in-house experts develop results-driven outbound call campaigns. In addition to making sales calls, we assist with data upkeep, customer surveys, and community outreach.
  • Our Georgia call center offers multi-channel support based on your customers’ preferences. These customizable services include SMS reminders, virtual callback, and click-to-call services and internet-based support via chat, email or social media.
  • If you struggle with debt collection, Ameridial can help you out with it too. As a trusted debt collection call center, we streamline and improve your accounts receivable management. Our services are compliant with FDCPA. We also ensure that our approach doesn’t kill your future business opportunities.

Take Advantage of  Outsourcing from Ameridial

Founded in 1987, Ameridial is one of the longest-standing names in the telemarketing industry. Today, we handle more than 100 million inbound and outbound calls annually. Our clients include startups, small businesses, midsized enterprises and publicly traded corporations in Georgia. We’re proud to provide top-quality 100 percent onshore services, but that’s not the only thing that makes us different.

  • People: From our diligent phone representatives to our top executives, skilled employees are instrumental to our success. In an industry known for its turnover, we invest in employee training and retention programs to ensure you receive the best service so that our customer support agents accurately reflect your brand.
  • Certifications: To better serve clients, we maintain several industry certifications for data protection, and we conduct random compliance audits. Our call centers follow all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) best practices. Additionally, Georgia call centers are PCI/HIPAA/HITECH compliant as well as CMS audited and approved to meet all Medicare requirements.
  • Experience: With more than 30 years of experience, we understand what it takes to succeed in a challenging industry that encompasses many unique verticals. Our global leadership team excels at providing general customer support and industry-specific services that are customized to the needs of your business.

Call Ameridial today at 888-480-8700 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your marketing objectives, answer your questions or provide a free quote. Our onshore call centers can take your company’s customer service to the next level.