Five Ways To Provide Customized Customer Service Through A Call Center

Customer ServiceToday, customers are habituated to gold standards of customer care and therefore, expect nothing but the best experience from every business. Hence, providing excellent customer service 24/7 in a call center environment is the prime need of the hour. It helps you outsmart competitors, increase customer retention and also win new customers. But, when every business strives to perfect customer service, what is the secret ingredient that differentiates greats from the ordinary?

It is – personalized customer service.

By offering bespoke customer service, you begin treating customers as human and not just a customer. You start helping customers before selling to them. Personalization can go a long way to empower your customer service and result in a loyal customer base. A call center with confident agents, soft skills, and adequate domain knowledge can deliver personalized customer care, increase sales and better competitive advantage.

Marveling how to introduce personalization to your call center customer service? Try out these suggestions:

  1. Provide multichannel and self-service support options

Providing customized customer service starts with empowering your customers and treasuring their choices. If customer A prefers communication channel 1 doesn’t mean customer B will prefer the same channel. Therefore, you should provide them better convenience and communication choices through various channels and options.

Offering multichannel service for answering queries, finding solutions, technical troubleshooting, and rerouting the concerns to the right departments sends your customers the message that you genuinely care for them. Providing self-service is personalization at its best.

We, as Ameridial, provide support over multiple channels like:

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Social media and
  • Self-service support options

Customers prefer self-service support. So, you should start providing the self-service option to help customers reach out to you conveniently and quickly. It takes the stress away from your representatives and sales team while making customers delighted.

  1. Use optimized scripts

Using a script is not something you should practice when you are trying to provide personalized customer service. But scripts are often required to deliver a high-quality, personalized customer experience, especially for complicated industries like FinTech or healthcare. Leveraging scripting software helps you customize and deploy scripts as required. There are features like CRM integration to help agents and customers interact seamlessly over a centralized communication system.

An integrated call script can help agents big time. They can follow a guided session that links to their preferred CRM and deliver bespoke customer service. They can deliver feedback on the usefulness of a particular script and can even modify that.

That is why Ameridial considers a high-performing script as the key to success.

  1. Show your human side

Keep in mind that leads are human beings, after all. To win customers, understanding them from a human perspective is essential. Just reading out a sales pitch might feel like a robotic conversation. Personalized customer service training must involve developing soft skills among agents to respond like a human, deal with emotions and bring changes in the sales pitch as per scenarios. Trained agents are like the pawns of a chessboard who can outnumber rivals by providing a productive customer experience.

While it involves uncountable factors, an essential step towards providing a seamless experience in understanding customer requirements with different tools and automation.

  1. Create accurate customer profiling

Customer profiling can help understand your customers’ likes and dislikes. Know their personality, recognize their characters, buying behavior and traits. It gives the necessary structure to a marketing plan and helps with informed decision-making. You can check out customer data for better profiling to understand customer demographic, create accurate customer segments and personalized information.

The better you are at customer profiling, the greater are your chances to satisfy customers.

  1. Use Automation

Businesses rely on automation to personalize customer service. Automation can help your representatives save time to deliver one-on-one care to customers. Automation or AI can be used to:

  • Reroute customers to the respective departments
  • Share real-time information between agents or teams
  • Collect necessary information before initiating a voice interaction

Chatbots, scripts, CRM integrations, and other automation tools can help make the lives of customer service agents a lot easier.


It would be best if you leave customers with the option of whether or not they want to opt into something. Personalized customer service is easy to provide when you understand your customers better and leverage the latest technology and tools to provide better convenience. At Ameridial, our agents are equipped with soft skills and technical know-how to deliver customized customer experiences for every industry vertical.