Getting Started

What reporting options do I have as a client?

DCCI offers a very robust reporting suite and can provide any metrics needed to effectively manage a program. Reports are generated, reviewed, and distributed to you as frequently as desired. We also have the ability to provide “web portal” access to your program where you can access reports and call recordings on-demand, 24 hours a [...]

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What information do I need to have prior to launch?

Our Implementation Manager and Program Manager will work closely with you to ensure we receive all of the key content to build a successful solution for your program. Generally, this includes your training materials such as a dialogue plan, FAQs, existing quality assurance forms, direct mail samples, email samples, and similar information. Additionally, we will [...]

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If we were to transition a program to DCCI, how do you ensure everything will go smoothly with no interruption to our service(s)?

A seamless transition is key. Our Implementation Director would oversee the project while working hand-in-hand with your assigned Account Manager. They would work with your team to fully understand all of the details and requirements of the program. This begins with a “kick-off” call where we would walk through an internal questionnaire with you, gathering [...]

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What compliance standards do you maintain? What types of security do you have in your call centers?

We take data security very seriously. We have invested millions of dollars in facility and network improvements, upgrades, and maintenance to our servers. As an enterprise, we maintain very strict internal policies developed to satisfy compliance standards mandated by our Executive Team and fulfilled by our IT and Operations Teams. We’re both PCI and HIPAA [...]

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Once we have a signed agreement, how long until the program goes live?

The answer to this question is, “it can vary.” It depends on the type of campaign, level of system integrations, customization, state registration waiting periods, and telephony requirements. We’ll fully scope the program, and establish a mutually agreed upon time frame for programming, implementation, training and launch, and strictly adhere to it. Every outsourced call [...]

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Does DCCI have contracts? If so, what are the terms of the contract?

We do utilize contractual agreements. We feel it’s important to establish responsibilities to ensure we’re “on the same page” as we forge our partnership. Typically, our standard contract has a one-year term associated with it but we provide a 30-day out clause, without cause, as a term within it. We believe in being held accountable [...]

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What is your approach to partnership?

Part of our strength is our consultative approach and client-centric mindset. We go above and beyond to make recommendations and provide strategic oversight to our clients’ campaigns. Our Executive Team is readily accessible, and every client is assigned an Account Manager that is their direct point-of-contact. We also believe that outsourcing is a collaborative effort [...]

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