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Can we visit your call centers?

Absolutely! Our doors are always open to our client partners and we’d be delighted to host you for a site visit. Once we discuss your support needs and size, we will make an initial determination on the best location to house your program. We will then make arrangements for you to view our facilities.

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What are your specialties in serving nonprofit organizations and their telefundraising efforts?

DCCI launches nearly 200 inbound/outbound campaigns per year for nonprofits, and as an enterprise we handle up to 1 million inbound minutes per month. We have direct experience with membership support, outbound telefundraising, pre-recorded voice broadcasting, inbound DRTV, direct response, radiothons and telethons. We can even leverage our parent company’s experience (Ameridial, Inc.) and resources [...]

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In a competitive marketplace, what makes DCCI different than other telefundraising call centers?

DCCI is one of the only telefundraising call centers that: Works exclusively with nonprofits Offers US-based 24x7x365 inbound coverage Can utilize a blended inbound/outbound call solution Offers nonprofits transparent, self-service access to their call information, screens/scripting, and even call audio files via a proprietary and secure web portal!

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How was Donor Care Center, Inc. founded?

DCCI was founded in 1987 as Ameridial, Inc. Ameridial has deep roots in the nonprofit world as it developed the very first outsourced “Neighbor to Neighbor” volunteer recruitment solution in the industry, serving such prominent nonprofits as March of Dimes and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, among others. As Ameridial grew over the years, it developed [...]

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