Our Donor Care FAQ are here to answer that common question! Our quality assurance staff listens to a sample of all recorded calls, populating QA report cards in the process. We have an in-house staff of QA monitors who utilize client tools as well as our own proprietary processes. 100% of calls are digitally recorded and QA staff listen, score and track results by agent, by program. We work with individual scorecards per agent, per week, and then aggregate scores over time on a tracker. Additionally we have a weekly and monthly rollup that summarizes overall scores by key call components and comparison to previous week/month. The weekly scores help drive refresher training focus and curriculum modifications as well as contest and incentives.

We look to replicate your best practices understanding that each of our partners is unique and their approach to service excellence can vary. Should you not have a QA report card you’d like us to replicate, we’re happy to provide our standard for your consideration and customization.  Please note that we’re also happy to explore other approaches you might prefer as part of our customized solution built for you.