Our Implementation Manager and Program Manager will work closely with you to ensure we receive all of the key content to build a successful solution for your program. Generally, this includes your training materials such as a dialogue plan, FAQs, existing quality assurance forms, direct mail samples, email samples, and similar information. Additionally, we will work through details with you regarding IVR considerations, telephony needs, training timelines, reporting needs, recording access needs, file outputs and systems considerations (e.g. integration with your CRM/database).

Once we begin receiving information, your Account Manager will work off a published “Critical Path.” This document keeps all mission-critical items on track during the implementation stage. This is also shared with new client partners on a regular basis during the implementation stage. The Critical Path works backwards from the campaign launch date, and provides details on all deliverables needed (from both the DCCI and the new client) and their corresponding due dates, starting with agreement execution, and ending with post launch call calibrations and a reporting review. We’ve found this tool to be extremely beneficial to our client partners and our internal team as it keeps everyone organized and on the same page. It’s hard to answer everything in the Donor Care FAQ so please contact us for more information or if you have additional questions.