A seamless transition is key. Our Implementation Director would oversee the project while working hand-in-hand with your assigned Account Manager. They would work with your team to fully understand all of the details and requirements of the program. This begins with a “kick-off” call where we would walk through an internal questionnaire with you, gathering some basic information that would allow us to begin working on the project. They would also work closely with any 3rd party vendors (if applicable), to ensure a smooth implementation for your program.

Once we have a full and complete understanding of the program requirements, all specifications would be clearly communicated with the appropriate DCCI departments. After work has been completed, a rigorous testing process would begin including, but not limited to, making test calls, providing any 3rd party vendors a sample of reports and export files, a review of the agent screen interface and scripting platform, and any additional items required for program support. Only after everything has been fully tested, and you have signed off on everything, would we go live. At that point, your Account Manager would provide the strategic oversight and communication on an on-going basis.