How much staff turnover do you have?

We take great pride in retaining our employees and provide many incentives for them to stay engaged with DCCI. We not only offer competitive wages and pay increases, we have opportunities for advancement and have 401k, health, dental, and vision insurance options. Turnover can vary by location and program, but our annual attrition is around [...]

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Can your phone agents up-sell and/or cross-sell?

Yes, absolutely! This is a critical task assigned to us by many of our partners. Sales skills are taught to our phone agents beginning with the initial DCCI training and continue throughout their employment with us. Our training curriculum has been developed over the decades we have been in business. We also draw content from [...]

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How do I go about training DCCI staff for my product or program?

There are several options available when it comes to training. The first option is to have you lead the initial training. Your internal trainer can facilitate the training in person at our location or virtually. The first training class will also include the DCCI trainer designated to support your program along with your assigned Account Manager. They [...]

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How do you select your phone agents?

This is arguably the most difficult and the most important element when it comes to offering great call center support. We understand our phone agents are your brand ambassadors and truly are where “the rubber meets the road.” We begin our selection process by asking you for the profile of your most successful internal representatives. [...]

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How is the call center support structured for my program?

After an agreement is executed, you will be assigned an Account Manager and/or work with an Implementation Director. They will facilitate the technical setup and integration between our two companies. After the program has gone live, the Account Manager will continue to be the primary point of contact. The Account Manager is involved with all aspects of [...]

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What reporting options do I have as a client?

DCCI offers a very robust reporting suite and can provide any metrics needed to effectively manage a program. Reports are generated, reviewed, and distributed to you as frequently as desired. We also have the ability to provide “web portal” access to your program where you can access reports and call recordings on-demand, 24 hours a [...]

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What information do I need to have prior to launch?

Our Implementation Manager and Program Manager will work closely with you to ensure we receive all of the key content to build a successful solution for your program. Generally, this includes your training materials such as a dialogue plan, FAQs, existing quality assurance forms, direct mail samples, email samples, and similar information. Additionally, we will [...]

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If we were to transition a program to DCCI, how do you ensure everything will go smoothly with no interruption to our service(s)?

A seamless transition is key. Our Implementation Director would oversee the project while working hand-in-hand with your assigned Account Manager. They would work with your team to fully understand all of the details and requirements of the program. This begins with a “kick-off” call where we would walk through an internal questionnaire with you, gathering [...]

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