call center for healthcare industryAmeridial is a national leader providing services as both a retail and healthcare call center for our clients. With three decades of experience, we have the type of hard-earned expertise that you can always depend upon. Learn more about the services we provide and how we can help your business thrive here.

The first client we ever had hired our team as a call center for healthcare industry needs. We understand the healthcare field and its requirements, and we’re proactive and attentive to all compliance requirements, adhering to the best practices and standards of the industry. Our highly-trained employees are able to offer transparent, integrated support services, and our deep knowledge of the industry enables us to understand what your patients, clients and other members need.

As a healthcare call center, we provide both inbound and outbound services. Our employees can handle billing support and inquiries, claim status information, welcome calls for new members, follow-up calls, payment reminders, scheduling services, and so much more. It’s a robust, comprehensive set of services regardless of exactly where in the industry you are.

As a call center for retail businesses, we understand that the customer experience has a huge impact on your ability to retain customers, increase sales, and produce repeat business. We’re able to complete customer satisfaction surveys, direct sales and lead generation, order processing, on-demand support for marketing campaigns, advertisements and promotion, and all types of consumer inquiries.

Back-end quality and customer support make all the difference in retail. With our help, you don’t have to worry about training your employees, or investing in the appropriate technology or infrastructures. We have everything you need, and can scale with you as you grow, providing a seamless platform that helps you better serve your own customers.

Our well-trained staff can do it all, eliminating a huge burden from you and your internal team, while actually offering a better end result. Whether it’s obtaining payments or handling customer complaints and providing solutions, or offering information and assistance, your customers will come away happy, and in turn will continue coming back to you.

Nothing scares off a would-be customer faster than a phone line that doesn’t get picked up, an unwelcome or clueless individual who’s answering the phone, or a voice on the other end of the line who can barely be understood, and who clearly isn’t located in your office. Our exceptional customer service does the opposite, soothing your customers, and offering authentic, integrated support.

All of this helps you go the extra mile for your customers and clients, and in this way, provide the same level of service and support to them that we provide to you. You’ll generate repeat sales from customers and maintain a positive image of your company, with satisfied clientele.

Let us tell you more about our award-winning capabilities and our exceptional customer service, and how we can help your business do more for less. Call us at 800.445.7128 and we’ll ensure you get the information you need to be confident about your choice to work with Ameridial for retail and healthcare call center services.

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