Why Your Business Needs 24/7 Ecommerce Customer Support

call center employees providing e-commerce support 24/7

In a crowded marketplace, 24/7 customer support could be the differentiator that helps your brand break down barriers and best the competition. Studies repeatedly show that when companies invest in strong customer support programs, they enjoy higher conversion rates, increased loyalty and an advantage over their competitors.

Reach More Customers

The internet has changed how, where and when people shop. According to BigCommerce, 43 percent of Americans have made an online purchase while in bed. One in five respondents has made purchases from the car, the office and the bathroom. Consumers even shop online while visiting brick-and-mortar stores. By offering 24-hour customer service, e-commerce brands can reach a larger customer base no matter where they are or when they’re shopping.

Meet Customer Expectations

With the rise of omnichannel customer service, consumer expectations are increasing. According to Microsoft, 20 percent of consumers anticipate an immediate response when asking questions via social media. An additional 24 percent expect to hear back within an hour, and 31 percent expect a reply within the day. The report also found that difficulty reaching a live agent was one of the most frustrating situations for consumers and one of the top reasons behind poor customer service experiences.

Beat the Competition

Internet-based businesses frequently rely on the claim that they’re open 24/7. Your web store might be up and running around the clock, but if your customer support team isn’t online, is your business really open 24 hours a day? With a helpline that’s always available, you never have to lose a sale to the competition because your call center wasn’t available to answer a simple question or process a billing transaction.

Balanced Workflow

From a practical standpoint, 24-hour support can balance the number of calls, emails and chat inquiries that agents receive during normal business hours. Extended schedules also help companies better serve customers in regional markets and across multiple time zones, which is vital if your company is expanding or has plans to expand in the near future.

Simplified Returns

Round-the-clock phone support simplifies the returns process and increases customer loyalty, which translates to revenue growth. Among all age groups, consumers expect to return 25 percent of their online purchases. While difficult returns are a main drawback of  online shopping according to consumers, fast and free returns are a major selling point, especially in the clothing, shoes and accessories category where fit and feel are critical.

Brand Reputation

Last but not least, 24-hour customer support enhances your brand’s image by letting current and prospective customers know that you’re always there for them. According to BigCommerce, brand reputation is the fourth most important decision-making factor among consumers, after convenience, cost and free shipping.

If you’re interested in opening a 24-hour customer hotline or extending your phone support hours to include evenings, weekends and overnight shifts, contact us today to request a quote. Ameridial proudly provides 100 percent U.S.-based phone support on behalf of etailers nationwide.