Driving Retail Customer Engagement Post COVID-19: Why Call Center is Essential

Retail Customer Engagement Post COVID-19As digital transformation advances, retail companies need to adapt to the latest technologies and strategies to engage customers interactively. Customization is the key to engage customers at a higher level. But, how do you do that? Well, it all starts with understanding your customers, conducting surveys, running campaigns, converting inquiries to sales, and being available for your customers 24/7. A retail call center can ensure an exceptional experience for customers during their sales journey. In addition, it can offer personalized interactions, encouraging customers to participate in the feedback surveys and help a retail business to shape their products accordingly.

The post-COVID-19 world has opened up a plethora of business opportunities for retailers. Online businesses are booming as social distancing has become more of a habit than an obligation today. People have embraced online shopping and fell in love with its convenience. Hence, retailers have to have an online presence and engage customers in various ways. The sudden transition, new technology implementation, and online business operation might come as a heavy blow. Hence, outsourcing retail customer service, customer engagement, and non-core services will help you prosper.

This blog will discuss how to drive engagement for retail customers post-COVID-19 and how a call center can play a crucial role.

By Copying Past Experience

Some relief can trickle through online retail businesses as they imitate previous strategies and marketing tactics when the SARS crisis hit in 2002 and 2003. So, yes, this has happened before, and it is worth acknowledging that e-commerce companies like JD.com, eBay, and Alibaba have survived and did pretty well after the attack. But, sometimes, the worst-case scenarios bring along the silver lining.

However, the online retail and eCommerce marketplace is flooded with user-friendly brands, apps, and websites in 2021. So, the competition is cutthroat. And, what you are doing differently from your competitors matters the most. Successful businesses have understood the need for clear communication and excellent support on multiple channels like phone, email, chat, and social media. Clear communication also drives engagement when a customer is not looking to buy a product.

By Leveraging Value Multipliers

The work-At-Home solution is a value multiplier service offered by outsourcing providers. It is a packaged service that ensures business assistance remotely, no matter what the crisis is. Through our Work-at-Home solution, agents ensure constant communication with your customers and prospects.

Customized scripts with timely answering support and order processing will enhance customer engagement. Ameridial offers other value multipliers, such as multilingual support, multichannel support, contact tracing, etc.

People are slowly moving from offline shopping to online and the habit will not disappear even after everything gets back to normal. This will positively affect the retail sector provided they moved online and engaged customers digitally. Our retail clients have benefitted from our value multipliers because they are designed to meet changing demands.

By Clear Communication

People are restricting their buying habits. People are shopping online for Apparel & Fashion, Consumer Packaged Goods, Nutritional Supplements, and Electronics & Appliances, and the retail sector saw a surge in traffic, new customer sign-ups and more order placement. But there is a huge demand and supply gap as the supply chain management is greatly hampered due to the pandemic. So, delayed deliveries, mistaken orders, and slow refunds are normal. But your customers will switch brands if there is a lack of communication from your end. First, you have to explain the reason for delays and errors. Then, you have to convince your customers to stay with you. A strong and experienced customer support team by your side can help you retain customers. Always remember that it is easier to retain a customer than to acquire one.

Final Words

The personalized experience offered by a retail call center like Ameridial will add to higher CTLV or customer lifetime value. The calculation is made to understand the value of a customer to a business throughout their relationship. Therefore, higher customer engagement is directly proportional to higher CLTV, which is earned via impeccable overall CX or customer experience. Contact us now to find out how we drive retail customer engagement!