Donor Care Center has strict quality assurance practices for improved donor outreach & volunteer recruitment

Ameridial’s recruiting, training, and quality assurance program provides the cornerstone for success. We are committed to the principle that the donor relationship is more important than the immediate gift. We don’t push too hard. We would rather leave the donor/member feeling positive about the phone call than take a pledge that is made grudgingly. We’ll partner with you so that we communicate with the right donors through the right channel, with the right message at the right time!

Quality is our primary consideration in all donor communications. Ameridial digitally records 100% of calls. Credit card donations are verified, as well as a random sample of all pledges, with 100% of high dollar gifts verified. In our volunteer recruitment efforts, we maximize the live thank you callbacks to volunteers and minimize any volunteers that are assumed, which directly impacts your fulfillment and bottom line results.

Our processes are based on decades of experience and have resulted in a proprietary, “Critical Path” checklist for project development to ensure quality is built into all programs from the start. A separate Quality Assurance Team handles quality audits, remote monitoring, reviews digitally recorded calls and all quality aspects with each project on a continuous basis.

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Our Quality & Training Process

Initial Training

The initial communicator training lasts one full week and includes a mix of intensive classroom work, role playing, and “live” calling. That is followed by three weeks of working closely with a follow up trainer in a live environment. Additionally, every communicator receives “client training” as well as a thorough training on each program they call on.

Live Calling

Once live calling begins, the client services team together with the call center supervisors works the program to maximize results by:

  • listening to live calls and assessing what donors are responding to and not responding to
  • debriefing the communicators to gain additional insight
  • reviewing detailed “real-time” performance reports
  • making live calls.
  • modifying the script, “ask amount” and segmentation strategies in order to maximize the results.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team handles:

  • quality audits
  • remote monitoring
  • reviewing of digitally recorded calls
  • all quality aspects with each project on a continuous basis.

Each communicator receives a full 100 point quality assessment multiple times each month by the dedicated Quality Assurance staff. This ensures that donors receive the highest quality call from us!